Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Maizey,

Two. You are two years old. You can stop saying "two august" when people ask you how old you are. Holding up two fingers is tough, but we've been practicing, you'll get it soon.
I woke up this morning at 3:48, by chance. 4 minutes before the exact moment you were born. I went to your room and sat down on the floor beside your bed. In the dark I whispered in your ear. I re-played those minutes from two years prior and it felt like I was in a movie or something. You sighed a deep, tired sigh and I sighed a deep, happy sigh.
You've become quite the little person in the last two years. Not nearly so much a baby anymore, but more this tiny little girl that has a big presence in the world. It's hard to wrap my head around, so I just try to go with it. Our conversations are exactly that - real conversations. You speak in full sentences and know no limit on number of words in them. The "books" say you should be putting two or three words together by two years old. You, my friend have been doing that for at least six months. You say things like "I want to go outside and play with my purple hippo pool". It's amazing to hear you talk and ask questions and answer questions and make up stories and re-play events. Last night I asked you where the mark on your belly came from and you told me "Daddy pinch in my seat belt on my high chair" , I totally thought you were making it up, but no, he really did do that. He's sorry. You tell jokes and call yourself funny. You are compassionate and caring and loving. You are getting pretty good at sharing, but sometimes its tough. You'll get there. You have friends, that you talk about all the time and want to know where they are and what they are doing.. You want to include them in everything we do, which I love about you, always wanting to make sure everyone is included. "You coming too, Dad?" "Corbin James want some water too?", etc. You definitely like to act out around them, but you really do like them and it makes my heart swell knowing that you have them. Here's for hoping you are making a bff right now!
In a few short weeks you are going to be a big sister and you are so ready for it. You got a baby as a birthday present and all you want to do all day is feed it and change its diaper and know where it is and play with it and cuddle it. You want it to sit beside you on the couch and on your chair at your little table. You even tried to make it pee on the potty today. I am going to have a keep a close eye on you when the new little one arrives... you can't just be putting that baby on the toilet!! You give my belly hugs and kisses and rest your hand on it hoping to catch a kick, but in reality you are much too impatient to wait for something like that. You keep saying you want it to be a baby sister, but I'm pretty sure you don't know the difference and that you are going to be so smitten no matter what Swarly ends up being.
You are truly one of a kind Missy. You are fearless, funny, outgoing, loud, attentive and caring. It has been amazing watching you grow into this little person with her own ideas and opinions and feelings.
Your daddy and I are so excited to continue watching you grow and change and become the little girl you want to be. One that's independent and strong willed and happy and loving. And that's a little bit of a pain in the ass too. Because who are we kidding, you are my daughter. Heh.
We love you so much, Baby Girl, and we are very very proud to be your parents.
Mommy and Daddy

see year one

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Two Year Old Birthday Party

Two years ago, I woke up, cleaned the bathroom, ate breakfast, showered (complete with leg shaving) and went into labor, all before 8:00a.m. I had hiked on Mt. Revelstoke the day before and had been eating Chinese food for two days straight. I was swollen and sore and ready for the pay off of having been pregnant since December 2008.
I have been re-playing August 28, 2009 all day today. Remembering what I ate, who I talked to, when I went where and what happened at what time.
At 3:52 tomorrow morning I will have been a mama for two years. Two Years.
The longest, shortest, craziest, fattest, skinniest, tiredest, amazingest, love and life affirmingest two years ever.


We celebrated those two years today.


And thanks to the contractors we hired that told us they would be filling our yard up with supplies for the outside renovations, we decided to have the party at the park down the street from our house. It should be re-named 'perfect for summer birthday party's park' .



The kids played and swam and ate ice cream and cake and had a blast with out anything to fight over.



In true Maizey fashion, she went full out for the whole day.... starting this morning with great excitement and anticipation for her 'birthday party with cake too' . She crashed the second she could. It will take a day or two to recover, for both of us.








We have seriously awesome people in our life. Thanks to everyone who made today so great for Maizey and for us.
Be back tomorrow with a real birthday post.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Smattering Of Stuff

 We have either skipped the "why" stage, or it just hasn't come yet but we are drowning in the "wheres" right now...

Where's my daddy?
Where's Corbin James?
    his house
Where's Ang?
    her house
Where's Niko?
    at Angs house
Where's Nemo?
     I don't know, he's lost, that's why they are looking for him
Where's Nemos daddy?
     Looking for Nemo
Where's Dori?
      with Nemos daddy looking for Nemo
But where's Nemo?
Where's Jaya Joy?
Where's Elynn?
Where's Baby Rimini?
Where's Jaya Joy?
    Her house
No, Colorado
Where's Jaya Joys carseat?
     Probably in her moms truck
No, Grandpas truck
Where's Nannie?
With Grandpa? 
Where's Grandpa?
With Nannie?
Where's Tessie? 
     Grandpas house
With Nannie? 

Holyyyyy craaaappppp. Its all day, every day. She knows the answers so I have started answering with 'well, where do you think she/he/it/that is?' - makes it a little more interesting that way.


One of my high school besties, Cartwright, came for an impromptu visit and it was so much fun. We relaxed, watch t.v, napped, walked, drank coffee. Just one of those weeks that makes me wish she lived just down the street rather than five hours away. There's something odd, yet so comforting and normal about having someone from home, in my home. It always feels crazy and surreal and normal and awesome. I love it. We ate nightly sundaes with fresh fruit, girl guide cookies and chocolate sauce on them and got caught up. Like, actually caught up, as in there was no stone left un-turned. Plus, its just so great seeing the people that I love, love on my kid. Maizey was sure missing her when she left. Thanks for the visit Cartwright! Come again soon!!


Maizey is potty trained. No details needed. Its been a month since we changed a dirty diaper. Yeee-freaking-hawwww.


Our garden is exploding. I bought four broccoli starts in the spring and I thought they were dieing in about the middle of July. No heads, but a lot of holes from bugs. Then I found tiny little white heads growing in the center as tight and hard as can be. Turns out the starts were mis-labeled and I got cauliflower instead. They went freaking bananas with the cold, wet summer we had and I got close to TWENTY POUNDS of cauliflower. Its in my fridge if anyone would like some!! Makes delicious soup and is so soft and flavorful you can just eat it raw.

The beets and carrots are the biggest they've ever been and I have picked atleast five pounds of spinach. It has made the best spinach dips ever. The peas and beans went in late so they are just ready right now. Maizey is all about the evenings in the garden picking the peas and eating them.






The box. It's not a lie when people say their kids had more fun with the box than what came in it.



We made the switch to a bigger girl bed (which means taking the side off the crib) yesterday. Nap time was a total flop and left us all frustrated, un-napped and not pleasant. Bed time last night was a breeze. It might have had something to do with the fact that she was exhausted. This morning, I heard her wake up and get out of bed, so I thought I would hear little feet down the hallway to our room. Instead I heard her bedroom door slam shut and her start playing. Yesterdays non-nap led to an exhausted little girl falling asleep on the couch.



Here's to hoping nap time goes better today!

I was feeling like I had a lot to catch up on. Days and weeks are flying by right now. With Maizeys birthday party coming this weekend, I am busy getting ready. Both for the party and the fact that I will have a two year old. I am constantly re-playing these days leading up to her birth day from two years ago... on this day I was... on this day I saw...
Its crazy and amazing and I love her more and more every day. Taking the time right now to appreciate these last weeks as a family of three.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Off Schedule

We managed to make it through most of the summer without our routine changing too much. We maintained a start of day around 7:30 and an end of day at 7:30. Naps, meals, walks and fun all stayed on time. All of a sudden out of the blue, we are wayyyy off schedule. I'm talking start of day between 6 and 6:30 and end of day somewhere around 9:00. Naps aren't had until 3:00ish and that's if they happen at all. Tonight, we sat down to eat dinner at 7:15. What the ??? It's taking its toll on this pregnant mama.
But I'm trying to roll with it... that means we can be out of the house by 8:00a.m no problem. So we have been trying to do that. Plus, it's still a nice, cool temperature outside at that time of day... perfect for me! And it means we have made it downtown to the music after dinner a few times in the last couple weeks. We don't go for the music, we go with hopes of running into friends and getting ice-cream or popcorn, or as the case was the other night, ice-cream and popcorn.


okay, maybe she goes for the music. Missy loves the dancing and clapping and sits contently watching it. 



Our schedule will soon be back on track and these late nights downtown and long afternoons in the backyard or at the beach will be a distant, summery memory. Come November I will be wishing for a few more minutes outside and no socks and shoes. 
So I'm going to take these evenings out with my girl while I can. Schedule or not.


Oh and for the record.... here's my 35 week prego belly. Its big. And the only picture I have taken of it in a really long time.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Wedding, Riley

My little brother got married this weekend.


I should say, one of my little brothers. Not the littlest.

I felt a little like it was a toddler getting married... I mean, he's just a kid after all. But I was wrong - he has a house and pets and a career and a whole family of friends that I don't know and now... now he has a wife.

Yes, I am admittedly much more emotional than I am normally and feeling very sentimental and family-ish these days, but still, it was exciting and fun and made me very, very happy to see him so happy.


Those people really like him. Like, really. Not because they are his family and have to either. But because they want to.
Weddings. They are a lot of work and exhausting and cost a lot of money and I have been known a time or two to tell people, don't waste the money - just go, get married, safe yourself the stress and anxiety and resentment and everything else that goes along with planning a wedding. You will be happier for it. But then I go to a wedding and I am glad those people didn't take my really bad attitude advice, because they are fun and theres nothing better than having all the people you love the most in the whole world, all together and having fun. (I do need to say that my wedding was awesome and fun and I have no regrets about any of it...but it was a lot of work and it was exhausting and it did cost a lot of money *but not a lot in terms of what some weddings cost* so I feel like I am in a position to say that. But I did love my wedding - every little thing about it!) 

There were 15 kids in the wedding, except Baby Rimini called in sleeping, so it was only 14. It went shockingly smooth and they were all so freaking cute that it was hard to think anything but that.





We ate and danced and (everyone else) drank. We stayed up far later than we ever would these days. We had fun. A lot of fun. So I will admit that I ate my words.

I have said it before, but I will say it again. The older I get, the more I see the importance in family. It's not always perfect, but really, what is? We are who we are and that's just the way it is. 
This was a great reason for us all to be together and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Congrats Riley and Steph! And thanks for such a great time!

p.s I just re-read this and noticed some serious over usage of the word fun. fun fun fun. I don't care, I am leaving it, cuz that's fun. heh. judge if you must!

p.p.s I came home to an almost dead planter of flowers, a garden that is crazy in need of weeding and picking and eating, a fridge full of cauliflower that was picked and now needs to be eaten. and a shit load of laundry to do. Welcome home.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Stuff...Right?

 Remember how Maizey was really little for a really long time? She was born small, then had trouble gaining weight, and playing catch up wasn't easy. And remember that I have written before about how I got attached to her clothes and how it was really hard for me to put her stuff in boxes destined for the attic.Well, a little while ago I had this crazy reality hit me.... what if we have a boy???? I won't be pulling out boxes of tiny baby girl clothes, washing and folding and putting away and smiling as I remember just how oh so Maizey the stuff is. I won't be telling Maizey stories about when she wore those clothes or where she got those shoes. I won't be taking same-same pictures. I have shed more than a few tears just thinking about it... (damn you pregnant hormones!!!). I am still trying to wrap my head around a family photo with four of us... let alone a photo with A BOY!!! in it. I can still only think of girl names and I really have to hold myself back from buying new infant girly stuff. I can't picture our life with a little baby boy. It just doesn't seem... us.
My bestie Ang is also having a baby. We are due within two weeks of one another. She knows shes having a little girl. It sounds and seems only logical to be giving her all my stuff, should we have a boy. Tradesies right?
I can't. I just can't. I know it seems ridiculous for all those boxes to sit in the attic, collecting dust and taking up space that we really don't have to spare, for no other reason than, I just can't do it. For real, I am not ready for them to be gone yet. I'm not ready to go through and pick out some special outfits to save. I'm not ready for this time in Maizeys life to be over. In fact, in our life too. When everything is all about Maizey. Where the only memories those clothes hold are Maizeys. But then I feel guilty. Because seriously, who keeps boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of clothes they don't need? When another little girl could totally be using them? Someone like me, I guess. Someone that really is attached to them and really has a hard time imagining them being gone.
The most ridiculous part is, I am actually worried about this. I'm not worried about packing a hospital bag (maybe ever, haha), or how we are going to fit a bed for Maizey AND the crib in her tiny little room. Not worried that we don't have a carseat, or agreed on names. Not worried about labor or pushing a little human out of somewhere much to small for a human to come out of. But this - what I am going to do if I have a boy baby and should probably give our girl clothes away - this I am worried about.
I know it doesn't really matter, and should we not need the girl stuff, I will know when the time is right to let it go (or not). I also know that we could totally have another girl and this whole worrying thing will be for nothing (see, just another reason not to worry about stuff, right?!).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Pregnancy = Awesome?

The whole of last week I was thinking about a post I would write about how this has been the best summer EVER to be pregnant. I mean seriously, days that are only 14 degrees out?? It doesn't get much better than that for a very pregnant person. I was thinking about writing how it has meant we can spend long afternoons outside, what with the low 20's temps and the light breezes, how it has made for fewer trips to the Nomad for ice cream and how I hardly notice the inevitable swoobs that come with being pregnant in the summer (don't lie, you all know it happens!). I was going to write how I am less swollen than with Maizey and how I have even wore jeans this time around, which practically doubled my wardrobe, unlike last time, where two pairs of shorts and 3 tank tops had to get me by. I thought how nice it has been that the cool (just know that I did hesitate to write cool rather than cold, which some days it has been) days have been balanced by a scorching hot day here and there and that has done wonders for the yard and my garden.

my fifth picking of spinach this big!! holy crap...
 I was even going to write how my garden is the best and most bountiful it has ever been thanks to the *pretty much* daily rain (interesting what regular watering does for a garden...!) and that a price can't be put on eating healthy and delicious home grown food, even if it at the expense of a perfect tan or countless days on the golf course. I was going to write that I am still comfortably sleeping, other than the its getting really hard to get in and out of bed , thanks to the nice cool temperature in the house and that the uncomfortable-ness that I experienced last time just really hasn't happened yet. I was going to say that me and mother nature are pretty much homegirls right now. BFF's.
Then this weekend happened. My beloved Kokanee weekend. Where baseball playing and drinking beer goes hand in hand with cliff jumping and sun stroke. So I should have known that it would be hot. I was taken screaming back to the pregnant summer of Maizey where visions of 38 degree parade days and weeks of no rain or breeze haunted me. Where I sat in a kiddy pool and hoped no one saw the beached whale that I was. I was lucky enough to have the forethought to get out of the house in the mornings, when it was still bearable, then be home and hiding in the basement all afternoon. And I learned that dinner time is a perfect time to go to the lake.. everyone else is eating dinner and there are very few people down there. Plus its really shady and cool at 6:00.

I will not complain. I will not complain. I will not complain.
I have been lucky and I know that. I think it helps knowing how bad it could be. I just hope it doesn't stay this way for the rest of the month or *gasp* get worse...