Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Princess and The Frog

(disclaimer: slight use of profanity. sorry.)

Picture the scene: Maizey in her stroller, me standing lazily beside her. Looking lost probably. In the mall.

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Hi, how old is your little girl? (I guess I should just be thankful that Maizey was noticed for what she is - A GIRL)

Me: Shes 1. How old is your little one? (Notice I said little one - not girl or boy... I don't want to be that guy)

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Hes 1 also. Whens her birthday?

Me: August, the end, the 29th. How about his?

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: September 4th. Whats her name?

Me: Maizey. Whats your little guys?

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Keaton. So does she sleep well? (Obviously a mother of a small child, no one else would give a shit about that)

Me: Yep, usually. Just depends on the night. You know how it goes. How about him?

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Oh ya, he's a really good sleeper. Always has been. Keaton, can you say hi to Maizey? Wave. Say hi. Oh you want to run away, I am just going to follow you. Come back and say hi to Maizey. Look, can you show Maizey how you walk? Come here.....

(polite small talk continues until my Mom comes back. I leave to use the washroom)

--What the hell happened while I was in the washroom??? --

Picture this scene: Maizey still in her stroller, My mom standing beside her looking slightly nauseated and laughing uncomfortably. Little boy with his face up to Maizeys stroller with his mom kneeling beside.

Me: OK, everyone ready to go?

Mom: Yes, lets go.

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Can you say bye to Maizey, Keaton? Do you want to give her a kiss?

Mom: *uncomfortable hahaha* I don't think she wants one. OK, ready to go?

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Say bye Keaton. Oh you want to give Maizey a kiss? haha

Me: OK Maizey say good bye and we'll go.

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Oh Keaton, you really want to give kisses. haha, isn't that cute?! (Umm, no NOT REALLY LADY)

Mom: Look, she keeps pushing him away, haha, she must not want a kiss. OK, say bye Maizey and we'll go.

Me: Maizey wave (for the love of god, just WAVE so his mom will pick him up from practically climbing into your stroller to get a kiss and we will LEAVE. PLEASE!!!!! NOW.)

Maizey looking at me like what the deuce is going on here? I think I am supposed to wave.

*more uncomfortable laughing*


Maizey waves.

Then we all watch, in slow motion, with horror, as she leans forward and KISSES his big slobbery mouth. Complete with a mmwwwaaaaahhhh sound and all.


Me: *very noticeable uncomfortableness* OK, it was nice to meet you guys. Bye.

Nice Random Mom With Toddler: Ya, you too. Keaton say bye and thanks for the kiss.

(we have said ENOUGH good byes)

Turn and half walk, half run away

Mom: Nice to meet you guys? What? You didn't know them? 

Me: wipe it off. Wipe it off. WIPE IT OFF NOW. Hurry up. Oh my god Maizey, who taught you to do that? Give complete strangers kisses. Oh My God. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. What the hell Mom? What happened when I went to the bathroom? When I left there was polite conversation about bed times, I come back to make out session 2010. Oh My God. What if she gets sick, or catches that weird thing he had going on with his head? Is it possible to catch weird head shape from a kiss. And what happened to all his hair? I mean, he had like 3 hairs, that's it... what if all hers falls out now because of it. We waited, like, a year to get this little amount and now its all going to fall out... wahhhhhh OH MY GOD. I think I am going to be sick. Who does that? Tells their kid to give a complete stranger a kiss - on the mouth for gods sake, not even tells, practically forces him to do it... why couldn't it have been on her hand? I could have at least wiped her hand with bleach. I don't think I can bleach her mouth, can I? Is bleach poisonous? Oh My God, I am going to have to feed my baby a glass of bleach to make sure her hair doesn't fall out and she doesn't get a weird shaped head. WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?

Mom: hahahahahahahaha, that was so funny.Oh Maizey, you are funny.

Lesson learned. No more polite small talk with Moms of small children. Unless I see them climb out of a freaking Rolls Royce.

(note: I am sure the little boy is fine. it's just weird. I have GOT to teach her not to do that!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Compost And Such

This afternoon we worked outside, trying to get everything put to bed for the winter, including the garden. Since my garden yielded next to nothing other than a crap load of green and yellow beans this year, like as in two heads of lettuce, one pumpkin, 20 carrots and 10 beets, I decided I needed to do something about it. There's nothing like putting all the hours in, to end up with nothing. So I am trying my hand at adding compost and beefing up the soil. I bid on a load of crap (literally) at the silent auction on the weekend (My mom is going to find it hilarious that I am admitting that!!!!!) but, what the eff... *I didn't get it*... so after some research and asking around, I decided I would rake my neighbors yard and add the leaves, plus mow my lawn and add all the clippings, AND go to Brians parents and shovel shit... uhhh, I mean fertilizer to add. We don't have a wheel barrow so we improvised with Maizeys wagon, her favorite toy, and hauled all 15 loads of leaves over.

I am trying to be trusting, but I just don't see how these leaves are going to become dirt. Someone help me out here!!!

Maizey prefers to just play on the steps while we work. Brian caught some of her many new and awesome facial expressions...

(This may or may not have been seconds before I heard some serious crying, which may or may not have been the result of someone falling off the side with no railing of the steps) (I'm thinking "whoops... Joey fell down the stairs again")

(Don't mind the snot. It was cold out)

We pulled her around in a wagon full of leaves and she loved it

We didn't harvest our lone pumpkin soon enough, so it is now contributing to our compost factor. SO sad.

A solid day at Casa de McGiven
Loving the beautiful weather and all the work we got done! Bring on the snow! JUST KIDDING... oh shiza... what have I done?!?!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Birthday

I celebrated my 27th birthday on Sunday! I spent the morning with My bestie Ang, our friend Jade and my fabulous Mom at the Womens Show. Its for a great cause (the Womens Shelter), the food is always fabulous and we got to swoon over beautiful jewelery, bid on massages and facials, or if you are me, bid on a load of 'fertilizer' from the Horse Club... and enter draws for fabulous prizes!
This was not before I drove out to Brian's parents to say good morning to my Missy. I did survive my night alone but the first thing I did when I woke up was call, and a short hour later I was heading out to say hi. She was stoked to see me, which of course made me feel fantastic!
My mom stayed and spent the day with us. It was only a week since she has seen us, but in that week Maizey has gone from able to walk but not really digging it, to walker extraordinaire... and it's so fun to watch! She looks a little Frankenstein-ish, which just makes it more adorable. Anyhow, we love having Grannie visit! Thanks Mom for coming! I love you!
We celebrated that night with a little Mexican fiesta at Brian's parents. Tacos and Margaritas!

Maizey loved the tacos! I loved the margaritas!
It was all so much fun! I was feeling a whole lotta love (thanks to facebook) all day! Thanks everyone for making my birthday such a great day!
I decided to make a list of 27 things I am loving and thankful for this year!

1) Being Maizeys mama
2) Red Wine
3) Working in my garden while Maizey plays (and falls out of the wagon and feeds herself dirt with my shovel) beside me
4)Coffee... good coffee... at any time of the day
5) Maizeys cute little naked butt
6) These little feet

7) Drinking wine with my Ang
8) Swimming lessons with Maizey
9) Pumpkin scented candles
10) Breakfast in the living room
11) Brian - everything about him
12) Pulling my down vest out of the closet for fall
13) The upcoming vacation we are taking! And the reason we are taking the vacations! wooooo!
14) My little blog
15) Skype, and everyone I get to talk to on it!
16) All my girlfriends
17) New shoes... *big sigh* I can't wait to get  new ones!!!
18) My birthday present from Brian and Maizey
19) Reading stories
20) Walking with the wagon
21) My morning work outs with my running friend Stacey
22) Taking pictures
23) Baking
24)The sky

25) Afternoon trips to the park
26) My cozy little un-finished house in all its messiness and glory
27) Being a part of this beautiful little family

Happy 27th year to me!
Already loving it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home Alone

Tonight I went to work for the first time in a really long time. I put on my black pants and shirt, shined up my red work shoes and headed out with a purpose. It was fun. I remembered what to do, and I did it with the same ease I always did. I didn't forget how, I didn't drop anything, I was that person again. The one that knew my job like the back of my hand and did it with a smile on my face. I missed my old work family (although, I do see them pretty much... all the time, just in a different capacity), it felt like I had never left. We laughed and joked and worked and got the job done, just like we always did before. It felt good to be back. I left feeling confident and proud that I know I can wear two hats without any hesitation. 

For the first time in 13 months and 16 days, I am spending the night alone. I am very uneasy. It doesn't feel right that it is after 9pm and I am alone. I got asked to work at a private function tonight and I jumped at the chance to make some cash. Of course Brian had to work tonight too, so Maizey is at her Nana and Papas house for a sleep over. I have to admit, it has taken everything I have not to go get her and bring her home. I feel like I should enjoy this time to myself, maybe run myself a bubble bath and enjoy a glass of wine. I also feel like I should do all the crap that it isn't easy to do when I have my hands full running after her. I also feel like I should just do exactly what I want to do, which is go get her and bring her home with me. It wouldn't be so weird or hard if Brian was here with me, but the fact that I am here alone makes it so much harder.

We have this nightly routine at our house. When we go to bed, we stop in Missys room to check on her. We fix her covers, give her kisses, sometimes pick up her heavy, sleeping body for a minute and snuggle her close. Whisper in her ear how much we love her and how happy we are to be her parents. We quietly say good night baby girl and we tip toe out of the room. When Brian is home we always do it together.

She's fine, I know that. She probably doesn't even care that I am not there. She will be happy to see me tomorrow morning. I KNOW. What I don't know, is why I am being such a wimp. I should be fine with this, she is safe, shes with people who love her and would never let anything happen and whom she knows and trusts. I know I will be fine. Its just that its the first time. I like our nightly routine. And even though this morning at 6am I was cursing while stumbling to her room in the dark, to see what in gods name was the reason for all the yelling, I still do love getting up, just her and I, when we eat our toast and smell the coffee wafting through the house. I know I will be fine.

I think I should go to bed. The sooner I get to sleep, the sooner this is over.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Tomorrow I will be the happiest woman in the world when I get to see my little family. I am such a wimp.

Good night my baby girl, I am so lucky to be your mama. I love you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Food. Good Meat. Good God Lets Eat

Eat we did. I have a food baby. A serious one. Three turkey dinners is not for the faint of heart. I think it was actually beneficial for me to go to three dinners in three days, because it really kept me in check. I couldn't over do it on day one because I still had two more to go, and I couldn't over do it on day two because I still had another one the next day and by day three, well... I could've over done it, but by then it was no longer the turkey dinner anymore, it was just another meal, so there was no need to over do it. I just want to state for the record that I freaking love turkey dinner. And pumpkin pie, or whatever delicious pumpkin or not pumpkin dessert is served. And good company. And being ever so thankful for the good things and the not good things and all the people in our life. And everything else out there that I could possibly freaking love, I do.
I can remember where I was for..hmmm... probably like, the last eight thanksgivings. Some were home with my family, some were home with Brians family and some were with my pseudo-family. No matter where, they were always fun and happy and delicious and well... wonderful. Just like this weekend.

Turkey day #1 was part thanksgiving dinner celebrations and part Happy Birthday Chelsea!!

Brian had to work so it was just Maizey and I.

 the surprised look says she wasn't supposed to be eating pumpkin praline cheesecake and she got busted!

We set up the play pen in a bedroom so Maizey could go to bed and we stayed and played games late into the night. Uhhh, actually it was only like 10:00 or something like that. What can I say? I guess I'm not hardcore anymore. I am blaming the turkey actually. Thanks Chelsea, Stacey and Family for inviting us to your celebration! So glad we could be there!

Turkey day #2 was at Brians parents.

hahaha I just noticed there's something in the window behind Brians neck and it totally looks like he has a mullet! hahahahahaha!

The usual Sunday crowd was there and it was yummy and fun as always! Maizey still isn't too keen on her great grampa, she cries if he looks at her too much and won't usually go anywhere near him. I think he made a few small steps in the right direction when he serenaded her on the piano!

She even let him feed her supper. That's more like huge steps in the right direction!

Turkey day #3 was in Kelowna at my moms. Brian had to work for this one too, so it was just us girls again. My brother, Tyler and his girlfriend Jen were out too. We had another long time family friend there as well, so it was small, but homey. I baked my first apple pie for the occasion. Let me show you...

Ta-daaaa!! I did it! No, the edges were not perfectly fluted and there were a *few* spots where I had to piece the top crust together, but I can assure you, the A on the top not only stood for Apple, but also for A-freaking-mazing!! It was golden brown with just a slight bit of gooey-goodness coming out the top and smelled to die for. Of course, no one would know any of this, because like a total idiot... I forgot the pie at home. So we will be enjoying this pie, just the two of us, for the next few days. So sad, I know.
We got to spend most of the afternoon with everyone in Kelowna, then an early dinner because Maizey and I had to come home last night.

Perfect way to close my favorite weekend of all time. I am good on the turkey until Christmas now.

Thanks everyone for inviting us to all your festivities! We had so much!
My grampa wasn't big on saying grace. He taught us kids to say
'Good Food
Good Meat
Good God Lets Eat'
It seems to fit Thanksgiving 2010.

Friday, October 8, 2010


October. Our Anniversary. My Birthday. My Moms Birthday. Pumpkins. Thanksgiving. Halloween. Fall. Beauty Fall Days. Vests. Red. I love October.
Six of us took our littles (well 5 kids and one token non-mama) to the pumpkin patch... actually its not a patch so much as a tourist trap thats really cool and sets up a big pumpkin display and has goats. But we took our kids there to take cute pictures with the pumpkins, and to have fun doing something different. Well thats why I went anyways.

Fun it was. We have five very different kids, all at different stages, all doing different things, all with very different personalities. It's great to see them interact, or not interact with one another. Some get along great, some are more like frenemies (Bailey and Maizey). I know I have said it before but I just want to give my Missy everything I can, show her as much of the big old world that I can, teach her things and create fun memories. She doesn't care about pumpkins, but one day she is going to be asking to do these fun things, like take a million pictures of her sitting next to some pumpkins!
Its also great to see us mamas all rally together and go on adventures. Its solidifies our friendships and shows us that we have eachothers backs. Like when we waited in the painfully slow lineup to buy our over-priced but extremely delicious Mennonite sausage, only to realize when I finally got to the front that I had left my wallet in the car. Paola had my back. I would not have waited again and I really wanted the sausage! So thanks P!

I love my friends! There are many days I would have gone bat-shit crazy with out them! Thanks friends, for being there and letting me know that atleast I am not the only crazy one!

(seriously, could she look any less impressed?!)

It was a down-right HOT day, so her adorable fall sweater dress was a bit much. Or maybe it was the tights. OR the boots. Hard to say. Either way, by the time I took my 200 pictures, she was a sweat ball and a little pissy.

Since Maizey is afraid of animals, she was not keen on getting in the pen with the baby goats, and since I am not a lover of animals that get hair on you and/or lick, I didn't push.

We tried for the group shot, but it just wasn't happening this time. That's ok. What are you gonna do?

(you're obviously going to cheer for the good times anyways!)

Despite the sour look on Maizeys face in every photo, she really did have fun! Short of standing on my head or jumping around like a monkey oh-oh-ah-ahing, I can't get her to smile for the camera or even really look at me for more than one second. She's a total picture spoiler these days.

We ate fresh from the oven focaccia buns and home made pumpkin pie by the slice! We sat on the deck and enjoyed the abnormally warm fall day! We laughed and talked and held each others kids. This pumpkin patch thing is going to be a tradition in our house! I want my Missy to love the fall as much as I do!

Hence why I would have a fall wedding! I know you won't be reading this, but Happy 3rd Anniversary (two days ago) Brian! I love you!

And Happy Birthday (yesterday) to you, my favorite Mom! I love you too!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your turkey! I know I will be!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


When I talk about going to Turner Valley for a visit, I say I am going home. When I am in Turner Valley I say I am going home on Monday. Meaning here, Revelstoke. Home. Both are home. Both hold a part of me. Always will. I love going home. To my family. Then I love coming home.  To my family.
The Alberta sky is always so dramatic. Like you never know whats brewing. Its big, its usually sunny (even if it minus-freaking-forty) and its always inviting.

It welcomes me home every time I cross that line.

and it waves good bye as I go home.

 Maizey and I made the trip home to shower the wedding of one my high school best friends Cartwright (waaaahhhh - soon I won't be able to call her that anymore...)
There was a whole lotta love for her at the shower! People who have known her since she was barely a day old, who were there when she came home from the hospital. People who taught her grade four and people who are welcoming her into their family.

There was laughing and sipping drinks and games and food. And again a whole lotta love.

I could not be happier for these two! They so deserve the beautiful day that is coming! One more month and we will be on the beach in Mexico, shooting tequila and slamming margaritas (haha, just kidding, obviously... about the tequila part at least), while waiting for the big day! Can't wait!
Congrats Cartwright! I am SO happy and excited for everything that's coming! See you on the beach! wooo!

It was a crazy weekend for my family, so the time we got was precious! We got to spend the most time with Travis and Rim and the kids! Ohhhh, I do love the craziness that comes along with three littles aged two and under!

I was hoping that seeing Jaya running around would entice Maizey to do more walking. Sadly, it didn't. She actually could care less about what other people are doing. So she just did her thing on the playground anyways.

We played and played and played. There was some sharing and some not sharing, some laughing and some crying. There was some 'I-am-so-happy-to-here' moments and some 'I-am-so-ready-to-be-at-home' moments. I got to meet Caera, the newest edition to our family. I feel as though she has been welcomed with open arms and I am so grateful for that. Its going to be great. Because really, what else could it be?

And then there's Elynn. Sweet little Elynn that can sit quietly and watch and patiently wait for her turn. Her sweetness is un-beatable. 

We finally got to see my dad today, this morning, before we left. He soaked up as much Maizey time as he could. It was tough to leave after such a short visit... He sure does love grand-daughter time. 

(giving Grampa a drink) 

And she does love her some good grampa time. 

It was a short visit. My Grannie squeezed us in for a quick hour and a half and that was it. It was busy and not busy at the same time. Next time will be longer. For real. 

Congrats again Cartwright - can't wait for the big day! I will the one in the white dress. Oh wait, not THE white dress, just A white dress. It won't be faux pas - trust me. It's going to be fan-freaking-tastic!

I am home. I sang a million songs, I know that a rabbit doesn't say ribbit and a mouse doesn't say tweet tweet, but on this farm, nobody effing cares. I got to 46 bottles of beer on the wall before I felt like I had drank 46 bottles of beer. I made up a song about the veggies in the garden and made myself so hungry I finally just ate the dame fake cheese filled mini ritz sandwiches. They were good. One more trip under our belt. We are happy to be here.