Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sometimes, in this house, its all about the little things.

I have given pairs of these slippers for countless baby shower gifts. I love them. They stay on, they are warm, they have cushion-y bottoms so they are comfy and they have the perfect amount of hippy-ness to them, that you look a little granolaish, but if you aren't a granola at all, you will still love them.
 For some reason when my own baby girl came along, I didn't think to get her a pair. I don't know why, because I seriously love them. Not in a weird way. Just in a, its the middle of winter and we will stay wickedly warm and still be practical all at the same time kind of way.
So this weekend, Maizey got her first pair of slippers. And guess what... She loves them just as much as me. This morning as I picked her up out of her bed, I cuddled her and whispered in her ear brrrrrr... its cold this morning, do you want to put our slippers on and cuddle 'till we get warm? She smiled her still sleepy smile and said yessss!! 
SO that's what we did! 

We all got new slippers this weekend. And we've been toasty warm because of it. 

Happy slipper wearing weather to all of you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Long Winded Wednesday

You know that old saying, something about you think clear when your house is clean, or some crap like that? Well, I think it might be true. I mean, its hard to say right now, because my house is not clean, or organized, or desirable to live in. Coincidentally, I don't seem to be thinking very clear right now either, so I think the two might be related. If only I could get my head clear, I could get to work on the uber-huge job we started, and get the house cleaned and organized. But I need to get to work on the uber-huge job we started and get the house clean and organized so I can clear my head. You see the problem??
This is what I woke up to this morning:

Let me explain - I wanted to make coffee. (Notice the coffee left in the pot from yesterday...)

I needed to move yesterdays spoon out of the way, because I obviously didnt put it in the dishwasher when I was finished with it yesterday. But where should I put it? Last nights dishes were piled really really high in the sink, unwashed of course, leaving very little room for more to be added, and the dishwasher was full of  clean dishes, but I certainly wasn't going to empty it, just to put a stupid spoon in, before I had a freaking cup of coffee, so I left it.

The peanut brittle just lays there, taunting me all day - eat me eat me eat me... I don't want to eat it, but I cant just let it sit there like that. I mean, its open... I don't want it to go bad. So I break a small piece off, about 15 times a day (notice the crumbs). Yes, I had peanut brittle before I had anything else this morning.

The tape measure. I shouldn't even get started on it. Does that look like a home for a tape measure??? Not even a little bit. I'm trying to prove a point with that one. It will stay there until I die.

The paint chip. We went to the hardware and took every brown one they had, only to realize when we got home that we didn't like any of them. They are scattered all over the house, because it turns out they are Maizeys favorite thing to play with. All 25 of them. For some reason I cant seem to throw them away.

The party shades. Those have a home, right beside the other two pairs, in my bedside table. But when we got home last week we let our suitcases lay on the kitchen floor, at the top of the stairs, waiting to go down and be unpacked, for *ahem* a few days. But we needed a few things over the course of those days, out of them, so they got opened. Which meant Maizey got into them. SO among other things, the shades got pulled out  (and worn), but never put away. The small business Christmas party is two weekends away, I will need them for that, so chances are that they are going to stay there until the party.

My birthday card from Chelsea is under there.

A lone Maizey Rae sock. Dirty of course, where else would it be?

Jute twine for an upcoming Christmas project. Its supposed to go in the junk draw, but it wont fit.

Brian's kindle cord. I don't even know where that's supposed to go, but I can say with certainty that its not supposed to be on the kitchen counter.

My travel mug. I picked it up to move it and it still had coffee in it. I took a small drink just to see... it tasted fine, so I think it must have been recent.

The tire wrench for my stroller. If I get a flat tire while running, I don't think I am going to find it very handy, sitting on the counter. I don't even know how it got in the house???

An open bag of sour patch kids, from Brian's work bag, that Maizey found and brought upstairs when my parents were here looking after her. I hate sour patch kids. I only eat them every other time I have a piece of peanut brittle
A note pad. Well that just makes good sense, having one handy.

The flash for my camera, that I don't even know how to use.

Two finishing nails. Again, just proving a point.

There are four things you cant see in the photo - a mini shoe horn from the hotel in Mexico, a handful of change (36 cents to be exact), a twist tie and a tube of Burts Bees. And this photo has been strategically cropped so you cant see whats on the bar above the coffee pot. Let me assure you, its equally as frightening.

We started the major over haul of Maizeys bedroom this weekend. It was supposed to take 3 days, but we are already on day 5, and nowhere near being done. Its on my mind constantly - I am always thinking of a new, fun thing I want to add, so I start on it, forgetting the other bazillion things I have on the go already. For example, I have this idea of getting a photo of Maizeys legs, in pink tights, wearing her tutu, with a white background, then making it into a big canvas. So operation legs photo started shortly after coffee this morning. But she wasn't even a little bit co-operative and I was trying to be patient and understanding about the fact that shes only one and really doesn't give a shit if I get a good photo of her legs in the super cute pink polka dotted tights, but my patience was wafer thin.
It resulted in this:

She was trying to be helpful (I think) by bringing me my plate from the coffee table. I tried not to make a big deal, because I didn't want her to drop it. She was SO close, I almost had my hand on it, but then she tripped over the stand of the fan that's still sitting at the door waiting to go out to the shed. This was the result. She was scared and I was annoyed.
I listened to myself be miserable for only a short time longer, before I told Brian I needed some me-time. He agreed. I pulled out my favorite toque (to hide the fact that I hadn't washed my hair in two days) and left. I sat and had a coffee in peace, read the paper, listened in on adult conversations that didn't use the words poop, crying, diapers or teething. I was only gone an hour, but I came home feeling like I could handle the day a bit better. I spent the rest of the day trying to be present and happy. I did manage to get some good photos, I cleaned (ish) the kitchen, scoped out flooring for the basement and tile for the kitchen, cooked a delicious dinner, played fun games with Maizey in the bath and read Goodnight Gorilla at least ten times before putting her to bed.

Brian went back to work today for the first time in three weeks (Gotta love holidays!), so he should be home tomorrow. We will attempt to make some serious head-way in Maizeys bedroom. All of us in one bedroom has gotten old realllllly quick.
But for now, I have free range of the t.v! Ohhh, the possibilities are endless!

(this is the face we get when we say 'smile' or we pull out the camera!! She slays me!)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Big Switch

We have finally crossed that threshold. The one that's been dangled in front of us for months now, that we felt like we would never get to. Maizey has FINALLY gotten to the TWENTY POUND mark!! Its taken almost four months to get that last pound in... but today - at exactly 14 months 25 days old, she weighs in at a big old 20lbs 9ozs - the size of an average 10 month old. We have waited somewhat patiently to be able to make the big switch. You all know what I'm talking about... the day we all wait for and anticipate with much excitement. Ok maybe not all of you out there, but we sure as hell did. The day we could finally turn the carseat to forward facing! wooo - hooooo!!!! We didn't even wait until we got home to make the switch, Brian did it right there on the street, THAT'S how excited we were!!! Maizey? There was no big reaction, so its hard to say how she felt about it, but I like to think she was screaming with excitement on the inside!!
So, its a big day around here. We celebrated with an early lunch (of leftovers) and a slightly longer nap. Obviously, that was more Brian and I celebrating and Maizey getting the unbelievable short end of the stick. Sorry Missy, I promise the next time we celebrate, it will be all about you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

When In Mexico

We did it. We got in the truck at 4:30 a.m, drove to Calgary, got on the plane and left our baby girl for EIGHT whole days. And you know what? We not only survived, we rocked it. We par took in the all day "free" drinking and eating, laughed with new fabulous friends, and re-connected with old friends that its been far too long since we saw.

I bet no one even noticed that there was a tiny little ache in me the whole time that desperately wanted to share every amazing and wonderful and cool and different thing there was to share, with Maizey, but it was there. There were times I barely noticed it, and then there were times, like say... the middle of dinner in a crowded restaurant of crazed all-inclusive go-ers, looking for more food, that quiet tears streamed down my face.
But we did it. I had this crazy, irrational fear that Maizey was going to forget who I was. I was worried that when we got home, she wouldn't want to come to me and would cry when we tried to bring her home. But there are no words to explain her excitement at not only seeing me, but just hearing my voice and seeing my face on the computer *ahhh the magic of the Internet and skype!!* . She literally tried to climb into the computer while saying UP UP UP!!! She couldn't understand why I just wouldn't freaking pick her up. It made me so happy to see her and hear her voice and see that she remembered me (duh OF COURSE she remembered me), but it also broke my heart just a little to see her and hear her voice and see she remembered me, but NOT be able to pick her up. Apparently Maizey also rocked the no-parents week. So much so, that when I thanked my mom and dad for coming here for the weekend, giving Brian's parents a break and taking her home for a few nights, they both said No, thank you for letting us look after her!!! I don't know who enjoyed it more, them or her?! Maizey now supposedly says Grannie, even though I am yet to hear it, and Brian's parents taught her to say Hola!!! She hasn't quite gotten it - its more an "oh oh oh", but we know what she means!! So needless to say, we are happy to be home and are finally getting our life back in order.
Our trip was amazing. We ate, drank, lounged, weddinged, ate, drank, laughed, shopped, zip-lined, and ate and drank. There were 50-ish of us there for the wedding and we had a blast. We were all there for the same reason, to watch Cartwright and Cary get married, and all the love and happiness for the two of them sure shined through.

 WOW - those two sure know how to throw a party. I missed the delicious taco bar because I was too busy cutting a rug on the dance floor. Seriously. All night. Apparently there were 24 tacos consumed by one person and I missed it all!! The wedding was unbelievable. It was like a scene out of a movie... a long dramatic entrance down about a billion precarious steps, leading to a little cliff overhanging the ocean, where pink rose petals were laid down the isle. The sun was just beginning to set, there was a warm wind blowing and everyone was beaming. And to top it all off - there were dolphins (yes, DOLPHINS!!!) jumping in the bay just below while they were reciting their vows. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Brian and I had SO much fun. Thank you Cartwright and Cary for having us on a such a fantastic trip! Seeing and being a part of your special day was truly an honor.
And thank you Cartwright for the amazing photo shoot.

 (my favorite photo from the whole week!)

The laundry is done, the house is back together, we are rested from our vacation (boooo, 8 hours in the Saskatoon airport realllly took a tole on us. As did arriving in Calgary to the first blizzard of the year and driving in it for 5 hours to get home.
We are happy to have gone and had such a blast. And we are happy to be home with our little family unit back together.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - The Beautiful Bride

I cant seem to un-jummble my mind to get a decent post written.
I want to write it all down, so I dont forget even one moment of Cartwrights big day, which was unbelievable - like a scene out of a movie really, but everything I write is boring, and not turning out how I want it to.
So I will go with a few photos instead, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to settle down enough to write something meaningful and worth reading.

or black and white? I cant decide!!

So, with that - I will sort out some thoughts and try to post tomorrow. Between loads of laundry, playing with Maizey and probably shoveling us out, I will do my best.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hola... I Mean Adios. I Mean Beer.

In 2 hours I have to get up. I can't sleep.
Remember how I whined about my baby girl being gone for ONE NIGHT???
In precisely three hours from now I am leaving her, for EIGHT NIGHTS. To go to Mexico. To see one of my besties, Cartwright, get married.
Holy eff am I excited to be going... all I can think is - all inclusive baby... I don't have to pay for even ONE beer. Well it doesn't get much better than that.
But Holy eff am I freaking out too. How do people do this? I bawled like a five year old that wasn't allowed to eat candy after she brushed her teeth (which I know now makes good sense, but believe me - at 5... I thought that was bull shit) when I was putting Maizey to bed tonight. She in turn, knew something was wrong, and also freaked out. It was not the normal nightly routine, where I put her down with a big smile on my face, and skip up the stairs breathing a heavy sigh of finnaallllyyyyy. I knew I was making it worse, but I just wanted to keep snuggling her and crying. I finally had to say one more bye baby girl, I love you, and leave the room. She needed it too. After that she was fine.
I know she is in good hands. Better than good - perfect hands. She is safe, she has people who love her more than anything that will be taking care of her, she will have fun and it will be good for her too. Its just... hard.
BUT - I am off to some super hot weather, at a beautiful resort, with some of my most favorite people. So I will get over it. I can miss my Missy and still have a fantastic trip. I can laze on the beach, eat spicy Mexican food, drink beer, swim in the ocean and relax all while knowing that I am still a great mom and that I deserve to have a vacation. Maizey knows how much we love her. We know how much we love her. So we will miss each other for the next week and then we will come home and love on our baby girl like no other little girl has ever been loved on.
Until then... adios amigos!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friends and Hats and A Costume

Yikes! I have been a bad blogger this week.
Busy busy busy. Doing what? Oh, who knows.
We had a some Fan-freaking-tastic company for the weekend. We did A LOT of visiting. Some shopping and some trick-or-treating.
Maizey was Piglet-Turned-Ballerina because she wouldn't keep her piglet ears on. Luckily we had the handy dandy tu-tu laying around for just such a case!

Turns out Maizey isn't a big fan of going to strangers doors, yelling something weird, waiting for them to swing open the door wearing something scary (or not), being greeted by a stranger or just the whole general idea of Halloween and costumes. She looked sour and cried at almost every door. But she got quite the haul for Brian and I!!! She looked super cute in her tu-tu, and had my camera not been on the totally wrong setting, I would have countless more photos to show you. Unfortunately, I have about 30 terrible pictures. (One day, I will know how to work my camera perfectly!!!)

Trudy came for the weekend. It was SO fun to have her around for a few days. We did lots of laughing and she soaked up as much of Maizey as she could! My Mom came up for the weekend also to visit with Trudy.
There is always that great feeling that comes having someone from Home be sitting in my living room. It just feels like... home. Sighhhh. That sounds SO sappy. Whatever. I am a little sappy for some reason. It was wonderful and so as not to cheapen how great the weekend was, I will stop. Instead I will post pictures of our impromptu hat fashion show at the Revelstoke Museum!
(Grannie, looking very worldly!!)

(This is totally my favorite photo from the whole shoot! We were just totally cracking up the whole time!!!!)

Trudy spoiled all of us (Thanks again Trudy!)... Maizey hasn't left her cars (as in Dinky Cars) alone this whole week. She drives them all over us, and stores them in her backpack! I just love seeing how different Maizey is from the beginning of the visit compared to the end. At first shes all, shy, won't talk, won't play... nothing. By the end, shes all, laughing, playing, talking, giving kisses and showing her tricks. She gets to know them better and better. Soon she will always remember them! Something I am SO looking forward to. Next time, hopefully it wont be so long between our visits, right Trudy?!
Thanks again for coming and spending the weekend and loving on all of us! And thanks Mom for coming too.
We love you!