Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Another Day In Paradise

It's February. Feb - ru - freaking- ary. The sun is shining. The snow is melting. The grass is starting to show. We are wearing sunglasses (and thats pretty much un-heard of here). We are wearing flip-flops. It's 6 degress outside. It's February. I could not be happier. (pllleeeaaasseee don't let this silly little post jinx it!!) Nothing like a sunny day in the winter in Revelstoke, with the still snow covered mountain tops gleaming and the air so fresh it actually hurts to breathe deep. Absolutely nothing like it. We packed a little bag, got some lunch and headed down to the flats, the best place to be on a sunny day like this. Maizeys first time seeing the lake, seeing her daddy fish (for the record he cast his first cast of the year and his lure flew off the line and he put his rod away), sitting in the sand, and wearing sunglasses. She drank it all in, and loved every minute of it. WE drank it all in. WE loved every minute of it.

It really was just another day in paradise.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pour Some Sugar On Me

I have a "work out" friend (no, nothing like Carol and Susan), we get together 5 days a week and work out. We use to run together 5 days a week and then she moved away. It was sad. After that, neither of us were very dedicated runners, we tried, but it was just a lot harder on our own. As fate would have it, she wound up back here a few years later with her now 5 year old daughter. We picked up where we had left off, except it was too snowy to run, so we do strength training and cardio inside instead. When the weather gets better, we will be back outside training for the Seattle City Marathon in November. We have talked for forever about running a marathon, and we have now commited to it. In doing so, we are training ourselves not only physically, but mentally also. Which is why today, I came up with *great* plan... to stop eating sugar for 1 MONTH. This is not entirely for calorie cutting reasons (albeit that is a great bonus), it's mostly to see if we can do it. To see if we can be that dedicated to cut out most things delicious and wodnerful in our worlds. What a GREAT idea right???? WRONG!!!! I knew as soon as I commited that it was a stupid idea... but I couldn't very well take it back could I??? Ummm... Ya you can. Thats what you're thinking. I know. But you see, the very *special* thing about my relationship with my friend is that, once we commit - theres no turning back, the other makes sure of that (for example - when I suggest doing *JUST 1 MORE* 20 min yoga dvd at the end of our workout, but 5 minutes in realize it was a baaaadddd idea, not only does she not let me quit, but she very *nicely* reminds me that it was my STUPID idea. And then she makes me finish with a smile on my face). Therefore, we are in this for the long haul. Kill me now. I can't even drink coffee now, unless its crappy and black, and seriously... who really *likes* their coffee black?? I don't think anyone. Heeelllpppp mmmeeee!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Living and Loving

I didn't always love valentines day, in fact, I don't even love it now. There are things that I love ABOUT the day though, such as all the red. My favourite color is everywhere, which means everywhere I go, I smile. The boxes of chocolates make me smile, the balloons, the cinnamon hearts that I hate the taste of but love to look at, the people wearing red, and of course red roses, which I am yet to receive. They all make me smile.
Since February is heart and stroke month, I decided last Thursday that I would try to dress Maizey is something red every day. So far I have suceeded (I have no idea if that's how to spell that and I'm too lazy to look it up!)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 - I know it's not realllly red, but it's close enough!

A few things that I loved about today....

1) Maizey and I spent the morning with some of our great friends. There is a group of us MOIT's (Mommy of infant/toddlers) (and a token non mommy and a token preggo) that get together every few weeks for coffee. Its great to have the motherhood support team and to get some adult conversation in. Also, we catch up on all the gossip that we may have missed not being at our respective "jobs" (you know, the ones we used to get paid to go to!)

2) Maizey and I got beautiful daisies from Brian/Daddy.

3)Maizey was a total ham in front of the camera, so we took tons of pictures of her today.

4)It feels like spring outside. The only thing that would have made it better today would have been a bright blue sky.

5) One of my most favourite things to do is visit with friends. I also love drinking coffee and Baileys. So really, I can't go wrong when doing those 2 things together!!

I really am living the dream... and loving every minute of it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Layout ???

Please forgive my ever changing template... I want a cute brown background with pink polka dots like Maizeys bedroom...but I just can't figure it out... ahhhhh - can someone out there help me???? One day I will figure it out. Maybe.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 ounces!!

It's no secret that Maizey is little. She was born little, her parents were both little babies, she's a little bit lazy and truth be told, she's just more concerned with taking everything in and smiling than she is with getting bigger. Still, I was shocked when Public Health said they were concerned. So, I took her to see her Doctor. Turns out she'd only gained 2oz's in just under 2 months - ok, you're right thats a little concerning - but she really is healthy - I SWEAR!! She's alert, she talks all the time, she's strong, she's sitting up, she sleeps about 6hr stretches at night, she hardly ever cries... I don't get it. Apparantly she is healthy, she's just not getting enough to eat. So her Doctor and I came up with a plan, a simple one at that - breastfeed on both sides at every feed... something I wasnt doing. We tried it for just under 2 weeks and when we went in yesterday... SUCCESS!!! She's gained 4oz's - twice what she gained in just under 2 months. I can tell, her double chin is getting bigger, hope that means mine is getting smaller... ya right, it never comes off where you want it to... my thumb probably got smaller though!! Now we wait 2 more weeks and see what happens! Grow Baby Grow! Please think chubby thoughts for her!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Evolution of Maizey

Proof that Maizey has, in fact, changed over the last 5 months and 11 days....

Her hair went from this...

To this....

Then to this....

And this...

We are dreaming of curly pig tails... one day... hopefully!!

She use to look like this during tummy time....

Now she looks like this....

She use to look like this when she was sleeping....

Now she looks like this....

One thing hasn't changed at all....

..... Her perfect smile that she flashes like nothing!!

Weekend with Grannie

My mom came to visit for the weekend and we had so much fun. She got here Friday evening, we sat around visiting and of course, drinking wine. Saturday it was just us girls, as Brian was gone to work. We drank coffee and Baileys, didn't get dressed until around noon, went for a gondola ride up the ski hill, met up with some great friends, sat at the mid-mountain lodge and ate yam fries and had a beer. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the mountains were frosty, snow covered and beautiful. We walked around downtown, did errands and drank coffee. Brian still wasnt home that night, so we rented a girly movie and ate homemade pizza. It was such a great day!!! Maizey was such a good girl, she only fussed when we were riding the gondola and it could have been the pressure change was hurting her ears, who knows. Other than that, she was great, didn't cry, didn't whine, just smiled at most everyone that looked at her and hung out like a big girl! We are looking forward to Grannie visiting again, she gets up with Maizey when she wakes up at 5am and wants to play!! We love you Grannie!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bailey Sleeps!

Maizeys friend Bailey and her mom came for a visit and to play. Maizey decided it was nap time and Bailey got bored of waiting for her to wake up. This is what happens when adult conversation gets boring!
Note* matching sweaters the girls have!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trip to Vernon

Yesterday we went Vernon for the day. It was a spur of the moment trip, so we didn't have a lot of plans or much of shopping list, so it was just going to be fun! The only thing on my to-do list was a Starbucks trip! (gotta love the small town with no Starbucks!). It was an uneventful trip, other than the purchase of a new computer. My , ahem, lovely husband, has been talking for moths about a new computer, researching, price comparing, quality comparisons, determineing "what" we need out of one, etc etc etc. I usually ignore it, knowing we aren't ACTUALLY going to get one until ours bites the dust. Turns out he had much more on his to-do list than a quick Starbucks drive through, turns out it was a 'oh while we are here, lets get a new computer'... so whats a girl to do?? We came home the proud owners a new computer! I secretly love it, but of course I'm not going to admit that to him!! I do plan on getting the new Adobe Photoshop for it, so we'll see what kind of fun I can have with that! SO I got my Grande Iced Caramel Machiatto with Skim Milk and extra Caramel (and yes, I know the extra caramel cancels out the non-fat milk, but for the record, I only get skim b/c otherwise its too creamy! Plus, its just not sweet enough with out the caramel! ) Brian got his computer, and Maizey got an extra large box of diapers (whoa, dream big baby girl!)! It was a fun day in the end, and Maizey tried to watch me the whole way home (see photo), until she fell asleep, so that was cute! All in all, it was a great day!