Saturday, January 24, 2015

Five More Days

We move out of our home in five days.

At any given second, I can start to cry over it. I can also become elated at finally, FINALLY! not living on top of one another. It's basically a risk talking to me right now.

I can be going along, packing away and then boom! I find this on a shelf and I am a weepy mess.

Brian said to me today do you realize this is our last Saturday night in this house? and then five short seconds later he was all oh, sorry for making you cry. 

It's fine. I will be fine. The  new house part is exciting. Super exciting in fact. It's just the leaving here part that is sad and hard.

The list of things I need to do just seems to keep growing. If there was ever a thing that would be self cleaning, I would think it was the washing machine. It's not, so I added it to my list. My list is still long, but I am certain it will stop growing and start to get smaller soon. Right? Five short days and it will all be over. In the meantime, just be, like, kind of cautious around me. I am sort of a ticking time bomb.