Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Two Year Old Birthday Party

Two years ago, I woke up, cleaned the bathroom, ate breakfast, showered (complete with leg shaving) and went into labor, all before 8:00a.m. I had hiked on Mt. Revelstoke the day before and had been eating Chinese food for two days straight. I was swollen and sore and ready for the pay off of having been pregnant since December 2008.
I have been re-playing August 28, 2009 all day today. Remembering what I ate, who I talked to, when I went where and what happened at what time.
At 3:52 tomorrow morning I will have been a mama for two years. Two Years.
The longest, shortest, craziest, fattest, skinniest, tiredest, amazingest, love and life affirmingest two years ever.


We celebrated those two years today.


And thanks to the contractors we hired that told us they would be filling our yard up with supplies for the outside renovations, we decided to have the party at the park down the street from our house. It should be re-named 'perfect for summer birthday party's park' .



The kids played and swam and ate ice cream and cake and had a blast with out anything to fight over.



In true Maizey fashion, she went full out for the whole day.... starting this morning with great excitement and anticipation for her 'birthday party with cake too' . She crashed the second she could. It will take a day or two to recover, for both of us.








We have seriously awesome people in our life. Thanks to everyone who made today so great for Maizey and for us.
Be back tomorrow with a real birthday post.

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