Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preschool Graduate

I have been super MIA here lately.
Our life is busy, hectic and totally exhausting right now.

SO.... this happened.

Aaaannddd.... then I cried.

Just kidding, I had basically been a weepy mess since we walked into the school that morning, this just made the weeping turn into the ugly cry.

If there is anything Maizey is good at though, it's being the exact opposite of me. She was happy, so excited and not even a little bit sad. So, I mostly hid the tears and smiled and hugged her and took pictures of her with her friends and her BFF teacher (who even if Maizey won't admit it, she is going to miss soooo much!!) (luckily that teacher will be Jaces next year, so we will still see her!)

first day of school September 2013
(omg this picture cracks me up!!)

last day of school June 2014

Its a big and exciting milestone and she is so ready to move on...
I just wish I felt the same. *sob*