Tuesday, June 9, 2015

That Time Two Months Went By And I Barely Noticed

I basically just need to remember that if I say my plan out loud, the universe, or more accurately my children, make sure it won't happen. Which is why I am currently twitching slightly, licking boursin cheese straight from the foil wrapper and chugging wine. I'm pretty much at the end of my rope for today because it's 8:40 and only 33.3% of my children are sleeping despite the fact that I started bedtime over two hours ago.
I see it's been almost two months since I last posted here. Really, nothing interesting has happened, and there were no mile stones met by our baby any ways, so who cares, right? Just kidding. Lots happened and she pretty much broke down every single eight month old barrier there is, which is probably why I haven't had time to write anything down. Because I've been too busy trying to trap her back into that eight month old box she should be in, where she barely does the army crawl, eats only purees, and has no idea what stairs are, let alone climbs them.
Super quick bullet point post about our current situation, because by then I will have probably heard all the screaming I can handle and I will need to go back to the oven that is the upstairs to say one more time IF YOU DON'T GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT IT'S GOING TO BE BAD I SWEAR. and then I will have to pick up the baby and rock her sweaty body to sleep, just like I have done every single night since October 7th, 2014.

Superb crawler.
Stair climber extraordinaire.
Loves food and gets annoyed if she does not have her own spoon to help with.
Giggles at the mere sight of Jace and Maizey but barely breaks a smile for anyone or anything else.
Except sometimes when I blow raspberries on her belly. But only if she's in the mood.
Hates going to sleep.
Loves staying asleep once she's finally there.
Crankiest teether in the history of ever.
Still almost no hair.
Snuggly little lady.
Loves the bathroom.
Can bust out of the bumbo chair, which means it's no longer safe for me to take a shower.
Confinement? oh hell no.
I'm not sure, but I think she says bye-bye. It's hard to tell. but definitely sometimes waves bye.
8 months old and clocking in at 16 pounds of pure determination. Nobody puts Winnie in a corner.
Currently goes by the nicknames Winnie the pooh, Lady and Ladybug.


Cantaloupe addict.
Kinda lazy.
Working on using words rather than his body to get his point across. Currently climbing out of a four month long battle of wills from hell.  We are getting there.
Not a swim suit fan, so most days uses the pool in the buff.
Run biker. But I am confident if he would TRY, he would ride a two wheeler no problem.
Always hungry.
Obsessed with playing air guitar and singing A Guy Walks Into A Bar.
Takes a million selfies on my phone.
Wakes up before the crack of dawn every day.
Lover of look and find books. And is basically a genius at them.


Missing three teeth at this moment with one more very loose. It's like looking at someone else.
Biking fanatic.
Always always always wants to go on one more walk, one more bike ride, one more trip to the park.
Wants friends over all day every day.
Makes herself breakfast every day. And will make it for anyone else as long as they would like toast with butter or peanut butter.
Not too familiar with other peoples person space right now. Needs to be constantly reminded that No, I would not like her to brush my eyelashes with her fingers.
For some reason, cries for our old house a lot these days. Not sure what that is about.
A big help in making sure Winnie doesn't put random floor things in her mouth.
Always willing to help me. Run for this - go get that - shut the gate - stop Winnie - go out and look for whatever. Ahhh, almost six year olds are a dream. Most of the time. wink wink.


At work literally every single day.
Desperate to sell our boat. (Do you want to buy it?! Just message me. haha)

Wine. Always wine.
oh, and now a proud bicycle owner. Its new, but looks old,. Her name is Lennie.

Its now 10:08 and one kid is still awake despite so many attempts at rocking. It's not awesome. She is very lucky she is so cute.