Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If It Were Anyone Else, It Would Totally Be Creepy

Dear Maizey, 

Last night while you slept, I watched you. It might seem a little creepy, but I promise, I didn't mean to be. I just like you and want to be close to you. 


I love you, 
  Your adoring little brother, Budski.

it seemed a wee bit creepy and whole lot adorable to us. I was out last night and that is the picture that Brian texted me that said 'it's 9:00 and this is how I found him' . This transition period, right after turning a crib into a bed, can be painful. Super painful actually. Bedtime takes FOREVER. As I type, they are sneaking up the stairs AGAIN, waiting for us to see them so they can run, giggling back to bed *pours another glass of wine* . We will get past this too. If I seem grouchier than normal, blame the fact that it takes until 9pm every night to get kids in bed and asleep.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

An Unexpected Christmas List Addition

So obviously, there is a lot of discussion in our house about Christmas right now. (How the shit can it possibly be December 1st??? For the record, I have not even started getting organized. Not even a little.)
We had planned to take the kids to sit on Santas lap today and get the obligatory crying photo with him, so all morning I talked to Maizey about what she was going to tell Santa was on her christmas list. She made up her mind about a week ago and hasn't wavered since.
A field journal like Diego and a pair of ear muffs.
Thats all. I felt pretty confident that Santa was going to take care of that for her.
Then today, she went and added one more thing.
An iPad.
 Ummm.... what the wha??? We are a strict anti-apple home on account of my husband hates Apple, everything little thing about the company and no matter how shiny and fancy and fast and high-tech their products are, he will never waver. Ever. So, without squashing her dreams of an iPad (out loud) I was all well, I guess you better see what Santa says about that one and she seemed satisfied with that. I also told her to make sure she mentioned it to her Daddy, you know, just for fun. So around the dinner table this evening, I *casually* brought it up.

Me: Maizey tell Daddy what you are going to ask Santa for on your Christmas list. 

Maizey: A field journal. Um, those cool things you wear over your ears to keep them warm, but like, not a toque. Aaannnndd (totally dramatic all on her own) an iPad!!!!

Brian: uhhhhhhhhh...... an i- what did you just say???

Maizey: ya, an iPad. I want one. 

So we naturally, dug a little deeper and asked more questions.

Who do you know that has an iPad? 
What do you want to do with it?
What do you think it's for?
Why do you think you should have one? 

All of our questions were met with answers like, I don't know. No one. I don't know. I just do. I don't know.

Us: Seriously, do you even know anyone that has one??

Maizey: YES! I can't really remember who it was. I think it was a little kid. Actually, I think it was Rimini (my two year old niece).

Me: Um, I know for sure that Rimini does not have an iPad.

Maizey: Yes Mom, she does. She showed me. It's so cool. It's got like a tiny little picture of Violet on the the big button. (Said with the biggest grin on her face)

Me: Violet? What do you mean? What are you talking about? 

Maizey: You know, Violet. The dog. Like my stuffed animal. 

Me: Ummm, Maizey, are you talking about a LEAP pad?? 


So Brian could stop hyperventilating about how he had failed to teach his kid what acceptable technology in this house is and whats not. Plus, we all got a good laugh out of it.
Also, do your kids have a leap pad? Tell me about it, I would love to know. You know, just in case Santa decides to bring her one.