Monday, April 25, 2011

A Non Bunny-ish Easter

Easter came and went.
We aren't big on this holiday for some reason.
So little in fact, that the Easter Bunny forgot to come to our house ALL day yesterday. Finally made an appearance at 10:00 this morning. And to be honest, Maizey couldn't have cared less, she was most interested in the Easter grass crap that goes on the bottom of the basket and that can now be found all over the house, sticking to my feet.
Next year, I swear there will be an Easter egg hunt with those silly little plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and stickers. Swear.
What we are big on is afternoons at the flats. Brian's even got Maizey saying "welve mile" (twelve mile for non-Revelstokians, Brians favorite place to fish and my favorite place to sit in the sun and read).


 It was the nicest Easter weekend in Revelstoke history, I'm sure. Temp's nearing +20 yesterday. So, after a 4 hour afternoon nap (ahem*Maizey*ahem) we packed up the lawn chairs and fishing rod (I would say rodS, but Brian is the only one with one, so he has to share. Let me tell you, he is not a big fan of sharing with me.), and headed out with snacks.
I like how when we arrive at the water we are in anticipation of something... catching a fish, running into people, getting stuck on the way there (ok, that's just me), will it be cold, will it be windy, will it be hot, will someone be in our spot? But as soon as we get out, and Brian throws his first cast and I feel the sand in my toes and breathe in the calm of the whole place, none of that matters.


Brian fishes, knowing full well that with the way Maizey and I are throwing rocks in, he probably isn't going to catch anything. But he fishes anyways.





He bends down and attempts to teach Missy to fish, but she's more interested in stopping his hand from spinning the reel . He reminds me again and again to pleeeease hold on better in case I "actually do catch a fish" that the rod doesn't go flying into the water with the yank of the fish. He knows there will be plenty of days where it will be just him out there getting some serious fishing in (ha), so he doesn't worry. He shows Maizey the rock he's going to skip before he does it almost every time. He kicks my ass at skipping rocks, seriously, the guys got skills.
I like how when we leave, I'm am just happy we went.



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Crush

Celebrity crushes are a real thing. I would link to all I found when googling it, but there is some seriously disturbing stuff out there.
I can't say for sure who my first one was - probably Jonathon Taylor Thomas or someone along those lines. Of course, those were the days before the internet, so I had to resort to places like Teen Beat for pictures to hang on my wall. There was no 24/7 availability, it was once a month and that was if he was even in there. I did draw the line at pictures though. I couldn't tell you any of my famous crushes birth dates, their signs or their family history. I'm sure I was in the fourth or fifth grade when I saw JTT on Home Improvement and was smitten.

Maizey has apparently started much younger than that. Plus she is going to have it so much easier.

Last night when she was supposed to be watching Elmo on YouTube, I found her looking at this instead:



A-ha - BUSTED!
Wentworth Miller has caught Maizeys attention. Better known as Michael Scofield from Prison Break.
When confronted she wasn't even embarrassed


Then this morning, she asked to watch Dora, so I set out my computer for her to watch it on, and this is what I found: 

For those who find Maizey-speak difficult to understand, she is saying "Michael! Michael!"

I have to say - Missy has got herself some good taste. Like Mother like Daughter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Freshly painted toenails.
Lawn chairs.
Planting the garden.
Longer days.
No socks.
Crisp mornings, warm afternoons, cool evenings.
Cold beer outside (*ahem* in another 5 months-ish)
The lake.
Sunlight flooding in through the windows.
Evening walks with the wagon.
Throwing rocks in the river.
Eating from the garden.

Spring is pretttty much here... and we are ready.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Grannie

I was one of the lucky ones when I was a kid. I had grandparents, three of them, that I got to see all the time.

Five years ago on Halloween, I lost my Grampa. One of my most favorite people in this whole world. He was missing one of his pointer fingers so when he pointed, he had to use his middle finger. A fact that never lost its funniness to me. He taught us all to play crib, and to this day, I still don't know if I ever actually beat him, or if he just let me win those few times.

Last September, I lost my Nona. She taught me to make orange rice, most of us grandchildrens favorite meal she made, and whenever I am in need of comfort food, its what I always turn to. She taught me many things, the least of which was to be the boss, always. She lost a long fight, and while yes, I know it's better to not be suffering, it doesn't make it any easier.

That left only my Grannie. Yesterday, April 1st, quickly and unexpectedly, I lost her too.


I don't know if I have words to accurately describe what she meant to me. To any of us. She was strict and serious and funny and loving all at the same time. I think she was happiest when she had all her family around... she wanted nothing more than people to come and visit and eat what she cooked. She did love to cook. Her cookie can was always full. I learned from her that gossip is futile, and that is a rule she stuck to religiously. I never heard a bad word about another person come from her mouth. 
I have to guess what my Grampa's relationship with great grandchildren would be like, and my Nona's as well, as she didn't have the opportunity to really get to know my brothers kids or Maizey. I am lucky not to have to guess what Grannies was like. I think she loved them even more than she loved all of us (grandkids), and she loved us A LOT. My sister in law took my nieces almost every week to visit and it made my Grannie so so so happy. She cooked deviled eggs for them (one whole egg, two halves, each) every Wednesday and just enjoyed watching them play.
It was always months in between visits for us, but for some reason I don't think Maizey ever forgot her. She made herself right at home, every time we went there. Maybe she smelled the cookies and was content. Hard to say. My Grannie was never one to dote, she always just took a more laid back approach. I think that's why Maizey always liked her so much, she didn't always want to hold her and touch her and be in her face, all things that Maizey has always appreciated.
Jaya was talking to my Mom yesterday afternoon, and with a big smile on her face told her that "Grannie Sheila is gone to heaven now" ...
I am not ready to smile, I am barely even ready to acknowledge it. There will  be one tiny little white haired woman missing on holidays and trips home. Its hard to fathom.