Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 ounces!!

It's no secret that Maizey is little. She was born little, her parents were both little babies, she's a little bit lazy and truth be told, she's just more concerned with taking everything in and smiling than she is with getting bigger. Still, I was shocked when Public Health said they were concerned. So, I took her to see her Doctor. Turns out she'd only gained 2oz's in just under 2 months - ok, you're right thats a little concerning - but she really is healthy - I SWEAR!! She's alert, she talks all the time, she's strong, she's sitting up, she sleeps about 6hr stretches at night, she hardly ever cries... I don't get it. Apparantly she is healthy, she's just not getting enough to eat. So her Doctor and I came up with a plan, a simple one at that - breastfeed on both sides at every feed... something I wasnt doing. We tried it for just under 2 weeks and when we went in yesterday... SUCCESS!!! She's gained 4oz's - twice what she gained in just under 2 months. I can tell, her double chin is getting bigger, hope that means mine is getting smaller... ya right, it never comes off where you want it to... my thumb probably got smaller though!! Now we wait 2 more weeks and see what happens! Grow Baby Grow! Please think chubby thoughts for her!!

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