Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Maizey Rae

Maizey, Maizey, Maizey.

7 YEARS OLD! Holy cow. I have been your mom for seven whole years and most of the time I still feel like I am just faking it, hoping one day I will become legit. But, obviously, I am not faking it and I am legitimately your mom and whoaaa, am I ever glad to be.
Not much has changed, you are still thoughtful and kind and happy and lovely. Maybe actually even more so. Truly, I do not know how you know to be so thoughtful... I thought that was like, a grownup skill that took years to learn. You, my friend, are pretty fantastic at it. Like, if we go to Home Hardware and they offer you a balloon at the checkout, before you take one you check to make sure that its alright to take one for your brother and sister as well. If they said no, you wouldn't take it. Its so kind and one of my absolute favourite things about you. We didn't teach you that, you just do it. My hope for you is that you never lose this and always remain kind hearted and thoughtful. Another grown up skill that you possess is tact. You can talk to people (adults) and get your point across or get what you need/want without being rude, and being straight to the point. I absolutely encourage this and really hope you don't lose this as well. Thats not an easy thing to learn and I feel so much pride when I see you exhibit it.


A few of your favourite things this past year: painting nails - yours, mine, Winnies, anyone that will let you. Monkey bars... you have some amazing grip strength and love to watch that America Ninja Warrior show. You even practice for it while at the playground. Currently, you work on "beating that wall" by climbing the slide over and over. Singing your favourite country song - You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell, as well as watching its (super sad) music video. Going for bike rides and to the skate park. Colouring and crafting - its never ending "artistic" messes over here. Playing "babies" with Winnie. Climbing the tree in our front yard - you fondly refer to it as "my tree". It barely scares me any more when you get insanely high, you are so confident in your ability to do it, that I have to be confident in your ability as well. Getting dressed fancy.... old flower girl dresses, or Winnies tiny shirts. Its makes me equal parts crazy and happy - you're having fun, but you make so much laundry. Its such a toss up for me. haha


You love Sushi and fries from Emos and chicken pot pie. You eat things you don't care for without a problem and remind Jace and Winnie that "dinner is not a choice" to encourage them to do the same. You love talking. Like, a lot. We have some fabulous conversations. I occasionally have to remind you that sometimes it's ok to not talk as well. ;) I also occasionally have to remind you to stop talking like a baby. Hooooly cow that makes me crazy. It's cute when Winnie says it, but we would like her to not say it like that for forever, so please stop talking like her so she can learn to say it properly. Please. PLEASE.
You had a bit of a tough transition to your new school last fall, but once it all fell into place, you did really well. You've made some wonderful school friends, as well as managed to maintain your previous friendships. It's a bizarre thing to watch you make your way in the (school) world. It's hard on my mama heart to watch you learn life lessons, but I am thankful that you still feel comfortable and confident enough to engage with us about school "stuff ". We hope we will always be able to keep these lines of communication open.
You are such a great big sister, not only to Jace and Winnie, but to Henry and probably Frankie when he gets bigger, and also every one younger than you that you come in contact with. You are helpful and patient and always willing to lend a hand. We feel 100% confident asking you to watch Winnie in the back yard, you are learning to be so responsible. It feels like such a big help and we are thankful for it.


Mostly, what I (we) want to tell you, is that we absolutely love the little girl that you are, and the bigger girl you are becoming. We are so  proud of you, of your heart and head and your strength and determination. You are certainly one of the good ones. This world, our world, is absolutely better because you are in it.
Happy 7th Birthday, Meem. We sure do love you.

Love, Mom and Dad