Monday, June 25, 2012

If You Feel Like Looking At Pictures...

The last week (umm...weeks? 2 maybe??) in photos...

tippy toes





A garden that will soon be expounding goodness





Sibling moments

Outdoor rests

Crossed legs

Story time
Um, obviously

Bed time in Mama and Daddys bed


 A pool side morning



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Father Day

So, some of you may know that Sunday was Fathers Day.
I know because I saw the, I don't know, around a million facebook status' that were wishing Fathers and Husbands a Happy Fathers Day.
The Father in this house was at work on Sunday, so we did no Fathers Day-ing of any kind. Not even the phone call to my own Dad kind. HOW EMBARRASSING!! Seriously, because Brian wasn't home for me to think about anything Fathers Day related, I forgot my own Dad - you know, the one that has been a Dad in my life for approximately 25 years longer than Brian has. Yikes!! Not cool, AMY. Oh don't worry, I made the super sorry and lame phone call first thing Monday morning. Awkwarddddd.
Moving on....


Monday we did celebrate him, complete with a homemade crown and yummy breakfast and my in-laws and Baileys in our coffee. I guess he is a better person than me, because when I asked him what he wanted to do for the rest of the day - anything he wants - fishing, go out on the boat, stay home and play video games while no one bothers you, do nothing... he was so practical and said we should stick to our schedule and work all day instead.



So, for his day dedicated to him, we put up siding and painted trim. Sounds fun, right? ha. It might not have been a morning at the flats and all about me me me, but I think he had a good day. He said he did.

Happy Fathers Day to you Daddy, we love you so.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy Bees


This is what I found on Friday night when I, after listening to Maizey yelling Mom Dad Mom Dad Mom Dad Mom Dad Mom Dad come look Mom Dad Mom Dad Mom Dad Mom Dad come look , over and over again, went to see what the mother of crap was going on.
My little man was standing. STANDING. Without his pants on.
We so don't have a little baby anymore.

I don't know how I got so far behind, but dude, I am seriously wayyyy behind.
We have some pretty epic goals to reach by the end of the month and with that at the front of my brain, I am having a hard time focusing on anything else.

My life has become increasing complicated by the little man crawling all over the place putting every freaking thing in his mouth and his constant desire to be in or around the bathroom. What the hell Jace? Also by the little girl that has started to insist on doing every little thing herself, including, but not limited to, washing everyones hands and face alone (big water messes, all the effing time), pouring milk and writing grocery lists. When my patience is at a high, we do pretty good. When it's not.... the extra ten seconds it takes for her to unlock the front door... well, it almost kills me, I swear.

I have lots to say... just not the time to say it.
I'll get there....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happpy Wedding, Tyler

Soooo.... I am suuuuper behind on blogging, but to be honest, I am way too behind on everything else to actually sit down and focus on just this, which means that this will be one short and sweet post.

My older brother got married this weekend. Not my oldest, he's already married. No, it was my just older brother, the one that for as long as I have known him, has claimed that he will never get married. That one. Tyler.

He and his new wife pulled off quite the wedding. Classy and fun. Who knew that Tylers wedding would be followed by the word classy, right? Tyler likes to play it cool always, act like nothing is a big deal and that everything is just sooo simple. So I *had* to laugh just a little (or a lot) at the fact that the days leading up to the wedding saw him being an absolute nut case. He earned every little bit of that stress when he called Riley "groomzilla" and told me I don't know why you are so stressed out, planning a wedding is so easy. He truly ate his words, although he would never admit that. He has come a long way, this brother that said he wouldn't get married. He crafted center pieces by hand, he stood beside his siblings and smiled for pictures, which didn't happen at MY wedding thankyouverymuchtyler, he made home made pizza to serve as the midnight snack and he said I do with a laugh and honesty and conviction. He did things I never thought I would see him do. He was a truly proud groom. It baffles me to write those words, but honestly, I could not be happier for him.


Unlike my last brothers wedding where I was all emotional and sentimental, this time I was ready for a party. Maybe it wasn't the two-steppin' good time I was anticipating, but it was a late night full of good laughs and people I hadn't seen in a million years. More of a high school reunion than my actual high school reunion. My favorite part about weddings are having all the people you love the most in the whole world all be together at the same time and this was no exception.


We ended the night with a tired little girl asleep on the floor curled up with a donut off the midnight snack table in her hand. We schlepped sleeping babies into carseats and then into beds well after midnight and I would not have had it any other way.


Happy wedding Tyler and Jen, we are so happy for you guys.