Friday, August 19, 2011

Off Schedule

We managed to make it through most of the summer without our routine changing too much. We maintained a start of day around 7:30 and an end of day at 7:30. Naps, meals, walks and fun all stayed on time. All of a sudden out of the blue, we are wayyyy off schedule. I'm talking start of day between 6 and 6:30 and end of day somewhere around 9:00. Naps aren't had until 3:00ish and that's if they happen at all. Tonight, we sat down to eat dinner at 7:15. What the ??? It's taking its toll on this pregnant mama.
But I'm trying to roll with it... that means we can be out of the house by 8:00a.m no problem. So we have been trying to do that. Plus, it's still a nice, cool temperature outside at that time of day... perfect for me! And it means we have made it downtown to the music after dinner a few times in the last couple weeks. We don't go for the music, we go with hopes of running into friends and getting ice-cream or popcorn, or as the case was the other night, ice-cream and popcorn.


okay, maybe she goes for the music. Missy loves the dancing and clapping and sits contently watching it. 



Our schedule will soon be back on track and these late nights downtown and long afternoons in the backyard or at the beach will be a distant, summery memory. Come November I will be wishing for a few more minutes outside and no socks and shoes. 
So I'm going to take these evenings out with my girl while I can. Schedule or not.


Oh and for the record.... here's my 35 week prego belly. Its big. And the only picture I have taken of it in a really long time.



  1. You 2 are so fricken cute! Moose and Nipple Face will be back shortly to partake in these late night shenanigans :)

  2. We are excited, Nipple Face!