Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still Waiting

Still waiting....
so that means...
...after dinner walks to the river to throw rocks
...playing on the dirt piles in the driveway
...Chinese food - in an attempt to make the baby want to come out
...afternoon naps
...sausage rolls (they will have to stop one day!)
...these last days as a family of three.

Maizey knows something is going on. We've seen a change in her over the last week and while I would be lying if I said we were calm, cool and collected about the sudden shift, we are coming to terms with it and tying to change along side her. I didn't want to remember these last days with just her, as a constant fight, so I stopped fighting her. She wants to be close. She won't go to bed alone and she suddenly wants to cuddle. Really, if she needs me to lay with her while she falls asleep for her nap, what could possibly be so important that I don't have the ten minutes to spare? I will take the ten minutes of snuggling (and partially restraining) her if it means she will sleep. Plus, prior to this, she was the most un-snuggling kid in the world, so I deserve the snuggles! haha. She stays up later and gets up earlier. She makes her way into our room in the middle of the night to sleep with us. So we let her. We have years to kick her out, right now, she wants to be with us, and truth be told, we want to be with her.
Its been a long few days... after tonight, I am officially over-due.
We are spending a lot of time laying on the couch.

Monday, September 19, 2011


There was an audible shift in seasons this weekend. The (few we had) dog days of summer are over and fall has arrived. Yesterday at the farmers market there were more vests and shoes and apples. The streets are now lined with crunchy leaves and I feel like pulling out my slippers. Its that time of year.
With the seasonal shift came a definite shift in me, as well. All last week when people would ask me if I was ready for "this" to be over I would reply with a slow 'yaaaa, I'm getting there' - yesterday, I replied with a(n almost aggressive) 'yes, I am ready'.
This big body is getting harder to heave around, the constant pressure on my bladder is making me crazy, and I could seriously kill for a beer. I can already taste that first ice cold pull. Sleep is interrupted every few hours for trips to the bathroom and my hands and feet are getting more swollen by the minute. I love being pregnant, I really do. I love all the feeling baby move and the knowledge that my body is performing the amazing feat of growing a little human in there. But I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. I am ready for the next phase. I'm ready for my clothes to fit again and to stop eating sausage rolls, on a semi-daily basis.
I'm ready.... any day now. Any day. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Fall Food

All in a moments picking...


and someones *pretty much* most favorite thing ever... both the shucking (is that the right word?!?!) and the eating...


Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Post About Nothing In Particular

Our last few weeks in photos...


My parents came for a few days and my mom taught me how to make jam. Um, super easy and uhh, yummm!
No big deal, now I am a peach canner and a jam maker!!




We are getting ready for the big arrival that's sure to come in the next two weeks... pulling boxes of tiny clothes from the attic, just in case they are needed, putting together the bassinet and readying bedrooms to make space.


Someone is very helpful... and someone else is very patient!!


We've been doing some flower picking lately...


As well as cleaning up the last of the peas. With the exception of about 10 peas, Maizey ate every single one. I will be planting twice as many next year!!!


 We are lucky to have friends with beautiful lake property, so we spent an un-seasonably warm morning out there this weekend hanging out. And Maizey and Liam got along so well, they even hugged it out when we were leaving!






SO, my bestie Ang had the sweetest little baby girl last week. Baby Danica, who looks exactly like her big brother and even weighed the same and was the same length. I was going to post a picture, but realized that the only ones I took are crappy blackberry photos. And I also went back to see what I wrote about the other babies born into my life these last few months... and I see that I didn't write anything, including nothing about my holy crap CUTE  niece, Baby Rimini that was born in April. That being said, I will be posting a gigantic baby post coming this week. Because that needs to be documented!!! (Sorry babies in my life!!)

And that, doesn't seem like a lot, but I swear, I have felt SO busy...
the work started on the outside of the house - huge, messy job. Hopefully it will only take the two weeks they said it would.
back patio still not done. I don't want to talk about it.
composter put in. I am more excited about this than the average person. I don't care what my dad says - composting is not only for "hippies and weird city people" .
house - trying to keep up, just in case baby decided to come sooner rather than later. Man, I hate doing laundry every day. I much prefer the one day a week-whole-shebang, none of this having to fold and put away every. single. day. Highly over-rated, this trying to keep up business.
I'm getting uncomfortable and sore. feeling every single one of these last 38 and a half weeks right now.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


A few little funny things Maizey has said that I want to record in hopes that when I read through them in the future I will be transported back to that moment in time and re-live it.

Me: Who wants to have rice for supper?
Maizey: Me. Not you. Only me.


as we are walking out of a random store
Maizey: Mom, I need a latte.

(does that mean we go out for coffee too often?!)


I was *quietly* talking to my computer and in place of a certain, um, *bad word*,  I will use donkey
Me: What the donkey is going on with you?

Maizey *quietly* to her wooden fruit
 Donkey! DONKEY!

To Paolas dog that was barking at us 

Reiker! You shut your mouth!

(Honestly, we don't say that to her... I have no idea where it came from!!)


Okay Mom, you gimme the keys and stay in the house. I need to go for a drive. Alone.


5:00a.m - I go upstairs to go to the bathroom

Maizey: Mom, you going pee? Good morning.


The day before the birthday party, I was going to bake the cupcakes while she was napping and I told her that. I went to check on her, as she had been napping for almost 3 hours, I peeked my head in the door and saw her laying there half asleep, on her stomach. She looked at me through one open eye and very seriously asked me: 
You make the cupcakes mom? 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011



We've been doing a whole lotta this lately. Lots more snuggles, naps together, playing together and just being us.
Soaking up these last weeks (days?) as a little family of three.