Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Smattering Of Stuff

 We have either skipped the "why" stage, or it just hasn't come yet but we are drowning in the "wheres" right now...

Where's my daddy?
Where's Corbin James?
    his house
Where's Ang?
    her house
Where's Niko?
    at Angs house
Where's Nemo?
     I don't know, he's lost, that's why they are looking for him
Where's Nemos daddy?
     Looking for Nemo
Where's Dori?
      with Nemos daddy looking for Nemo
But where's Nemo?
Where's Jaya Joy?
Where's Elynn?
Where's Baby Rimini?
Where's Jaya Joy?
    Her house
No, Colorado
Where's Jaya Joys carseat?
     Probably in her moms truck
No, Grandpas truck
Where's Nannie?
With Grandpa? 
Where's Grandpa?
With Nannie?
Where's Tessie? 
     Grandpas house
With Nannie? 

Holyyyyy craaaappppp. Its all day, every day. She knows the answers so I have started answering with 'well, where do you think she/he/it/that is?' - makes it a little more interesting that way.


One of my high school besties, Cartwright, came for an impromptu visit and it was so much fun. We relaxed, watch t.v, napped, walked, drank coffee. Just one of those weeks that makes me wish she lived just down the street rather than five hours away. There's something odd, yet so comforting and normal about having someone from home, in my home. It always feels crazy and surreal and normal and awesome. I love it. We ate nightly sundaes with fresh fruit, girl guide cookies and chocolate sauce on them and got caught up. Like, actually caught up, as in there was no stone left un-turned. Plus, its just so great seeing the people that I love, love on my kid. Maizey was sure missing her when she left. Thanks for the visit Cartwright! Come again soon!!


Maizey is potty trained. No details needed. Its been a month since we changed a dirty diaper. Yeee-freaking-hawwww.


Our garden is exploding. I bought four broccoli starts in the spring and I thought they were dieing in about the middle of July. No heads, but a lot of holes from bugs. Then I found tiny little white heads growing in the center as tight and hard as can be. Turns out the starts were mis-labeled and I got cauliflower instead. They went freaking bananas with the cold, wet summer we had and I got close to TWENTY POUNDS of cauliflower. Its in my fridge if anyone would like some!! Makes delicious soup and is so soft and flavorful you can just eat it raw.

The beets and carrots are the biggest they've ever been and I have picked atleast five pounds of spinach. It has made the best spinach dips ever. The peas and beans went in late so they are just ready right now. Maizey is all about the evenings in the garden picking the peas and eating them.






The box. It's not a lie when people say their kids had more fun with the box than what came in it.



We made the switch to a bigger girl bed (which means taking the side off the crib) yesterday. Nap time was a total flop and left us all frustrated, un-napped and not pleasant. Bed time last night was a breeze. It might have had something to do with the fact that she was exhausted. This morning, I heard her wake up and get out of bed, so I thought I would hear little feet down the hallway to our room. Instead I heard her bedroom door slam shut and her start playing. Yesterdays non-nap led to an exhausted little girl falling asleep on the couch.



Here's to hoping nap time goes better today!

I was feeling like I had a lot to catch up on. Days and weeks are flying by right now. With Maizeys birthday party coming this weekend, I am busy getting ready. Both for the party and the fact that I will have a two year old. I am constantly re-playing these days leading up to her birth day from two years ago... on this day I was... on this day I saw...
Its crazy and amazing and I love her more and more every day. Taking the time right now to appreciate these last weeks as a family of three.



  1. loved loved loved Wordy Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!