Sunday, September 2, 2018

Happy 9th Birthday, Maizey Rae

Maizey, Maizey, Maizey.
Every single year of your life, I have thought that it couldn't get any better, but every single year it has. Goodness I just love being your mom, so damn much. 
You continue to be kind, friendly, helpful, curious, outgoing, adventurous and a real treat to be around. You also, in my opinion, feel like you are older than you actually are, and want to be a part of every adult conversation you can. I am constantly trying to find a balance between letting you be in the conversation and sending you away. We are also currently working on the concept of eavesdropping!!

Your adventurous spirit still cannot be contained, but you are a little bit pickier about what you do now. On occasion, it's hard to get you excited about doing anything strenuous, but once out there you always kick ass at it - small hikes and biking as an example. Its fun during, but getting you to go takes some convincing. You love camping and want to do more of it - we will definitely try and make that happen. Your favourite part is being curled up in your sleeping  bag reading by way of head lamp/flashlight. Which reminds me that your love of reading has grown to a point I didn't know possible. You check out many books every week from both the school and public library yet never seem to have anything to read?! You start your day reading and you end your day reading. I love love love it. You absolutely love the Land of Stories series and have read them all and even re-read the 1st book twice.


Your patience for Winnie and Jace has worn a little thin over the last year. I mean, you are still exponentially more patient than most people I know, but there have definitely been times where you have had enough and you have chosen screaming maniacally as your way of letting them know that. Its not annoying at all. Kidding, its incredibly annoying. You still have the patience of a saint for others though - like Henry and Franklin. You can still read them endless books, help them, play with them. I'm hoping with time that Winnie and Jace will get less annoying to you and that you will go back to being very patient pleaseandthankyou.

You did very well at school last year and were absolutely adored by your teacher, Ms. Maitland. She mentioned to me in your parent teacher interview that she was so glad to have you in her class for a second year because she loved having you so much the year before. That definitely made my mama heart swell... when other people see how special you are it gets me right in the heart. You havent made a solid little group of friends, you seem to have friendships in a variety of different groups, but none that stand out more than any others. Maybe this will be your year for that. Or maybe not, thats ok too. You seem to do just fine anyhow. That being said though, the friendships that seem to be the most important and comfortable to you are the ones you have had your whole life. Those are the ones that you can just be yourself in. I adore those relationships and promise to work hard to keep those up for you for years to come.


For some reason, you have decided you think it is cute and funny to talk in a baby voice regularly. Its terrible!!! Seriously. We are alllll over you about it and want it to stop now!!!  
 You are still a collector of stuff. Rocks, sticks, bark. yep, all of it still. Seashells, empty jewelry boxes, tin cans. You want to bring anything and everything you find home. It makes me absolutely crazy. Your room is a giant mess all the time and you insist that you love it that way and have no intention on changing that. Consequently, I got tired of cleaning up all your crap and you got all your clothes but one small drawer full, taken away. It has helped, but to be honest, you just still have stuff all over the floor - I don't even know where it all comes from??!! I am interested to see if you will outgrow this, or if you are destined to be messy forever? Time will tell!
You claim to have no favourite foods currently, as well as no favourite music. I call shenanigans. You still want sushi all the time and literally lick your plate clean when we have chicken pot pie, so I say with confidence that those are still your favourites. You love almost any songs sung by Kelsi Ballerini, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson and Sam Hunt. You also love the Greatest Showman soundtrack, Brand New eyes from the Wonder sountrack and a spotify playlist called Movie Music: Kids Classics.

I love how helpful you are. You switch over loads of laundry without being asked, you load the dishwasher, scrub the stove, were eager to learn how to clean the bathrooms, help Winnie get dressed/comb her hair/brush her teeth, do up seat belts. You on occasion get a bit exasperated by it, but you still do it. We are working on the other kids to be as helpful, so hopefully you will get a break soon. haha. You really love starting the truck right now too, which is fun to watch! You get to sit with Dad in the drivers seat out at Nana and Papas are practicing "threading the needle" (pull into their driveway) by yourself. You are actually pretty good at it and rarely need help from Dad.


This past year has been crazy to watch you grow and change. You love staying home alone and have even done a bit of short babysitting, which I completely trust you to do. You are super trustworthy and have been known to be a really good decision maker. You are certainly quickly becoming a big kid and I love it. But also, it kind of kind of kills me. Its complicated. But what isn't complicated is how much we love being around you, taking you on adventures, showing you new things, and watching you continue to grow into who ever it is you are becoming. We hope you always know how adored you are and how fiercely loved you are.
Happy 9th Birthday, Meemsicle.
I can't wait to see who you are at the end of this year.
Love, Mom and Dad.

p.s as your birthday present, you get to get your ears pierced. You went from ecstatic, to saying you actually aren't ready after all, to on the fence, back to ecstatic. I suppose the next 2 weeks will tell if you are able to go through with it. Good luck!