Monday, August 2, 2010

Kokanee Weekend - Where And When All Good Things Happen. Obviously

Dear Kokanee weekend,

   Besides a few long days at the restaurant, you have always treated me well. I love the energy and people you bring to town and all the chaos that ensues when you are around. You can change your name as many times as you like... you will always be Kokanee to me (even though I hardly drink Kokanee). Thank you for being you. Keep letting great things in my life happen on this weekend!
See you next year.

Your faithful friend,

Six years ago this past weekend I was a twenty year old college kid heading to a baseball tournament in Revelstoke with my besties. At 5:00 on Friday I was wearing a bright yellow team shirt that said 'Drunk as Fu*k' (only the * was a bear claw) and playing baseball in my bare feet while wearing someones moms aunts neighbours ball glove. I had already drank my weight in beer. It was a great start to an unbelievable weekend. Its all a big blur. There were four of us. Myself, Ang, Andrea and Chelsea. We were a gong show. We had a two man tent and no food to speak of. We played a little baseball, although truth be told, most games we had to forfeit because not enough players showed up (including us - except Chelsea, she showed up for every single one, including the 7:30'ers), we did a little swimming, some cliff jumping, a LOT of dancing and even more drinking. Somewhere in there I met this guy. His name was Brian. He grew up with Ang. They went wayyyy back. Andrea and I joked that we knew him as kids too - he went along with the joke... but secretly he was thinking 'who the eff are these crazy people?' We all spent the weekend being crazy together. I think at one point there were 8 of us sleeping in our two man tent. I remember eating exactly 2.5 meals in four days. I think I showered. I almost broke my foot. I jumped off a 50 foot cliff and landed in the water diagonally. I was certain I had broken my back too. Turns out I didn't. But I did have a bruise from my knee to my shoulder.  I know I partied. I feel confident in saying there was not a single beer left in town when I had finished. We walked to our tent in bare feet every night. I have no idea where my shoes were. I remember on the drive there Andrea and I made a goal for ourselves (please remember we were college kids with a thirst for partying...) - that goal was to get thrown in the drunk tank. Lofty, I know. On Monday we headed home. That guy named Brian asked for my number so I gave it to him. As Andrea and I drove out of town I said to her 'Ya, I am never going to see that guy again in my life'... by the time we got home, he had already called....

(the originals - 2004)

Wow how times have changed.

Last year on this weekend, I was sitting on a patio eating lunch when I got a call from Paola saying she was in labor. There were no beer gardens or partying for me.

This year I was celebrating Liams first birthday with my eleven month old daughter. No beer gardens or partying again.

I was there in spirit though.



  1. That was the best Summer Ever!!! No other summer will be as wild and crazy as that one! Or at least we will never drink as much as we did that year.

  2. I agree Chelsea! That was so much fun! I know for a fact I would never be able to survive a weekend like that again! I can't believe that even considering how much we drank that weekend you remember so many details; pretending we knew Brian too, our goal, not things I remembered! Good for you Amy!

  3. I was just looking at the picture of all of us and I noticed Pascals ass is hanging out!!! LOL

  4. Um there is a corection!! I was the one at the 7:30 game, remember MVP also know as only drunk ass to show up at 7:30 game to ump.

  5. hahaha~ I am so excited to come back to check comments and see my trusty besties remember this weekend as well! Ok, I will make the correction Ang... you made it to A 7:30 game - much more dedicated than me (and Andrea for that matter), I do know that Chelsea made it to EVERY 7:30 game! I think that means the two of you were more drunk than Andrea and I because in the morning you were still drunk and went to the game anyways. Andrea and I were hungover and couldnt move.
    Andrea - I was wondering if anyone would notice Pascals ass hanging out! hahahahaha! I wish I could have found the disc with the rest of the pictures - there are some sweet ones!
    You are right Chels, I would die if I drank that much now. Or atleast the hangover would kill me!