Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Maizey,

Two. You are two years old. You can stop saying "two august" when people ask you how old you are. Holding up two fingers is tough, but we've been practicing, you'll get it soon.
I woke up this morning at 3:48, by chance. 4 minutes before the exact moment you were born. I went to your room and sat down on the floor beside your bed. In the dark I whispered in your ear. I re-played those minutes from two years prior and it felt like I was in a movie or something. You sighed a deep, tired sigh and I sighed a deep, happy sigh.
You've become quite the little person in the last two years. Not nearly so much a baby anymore, but more this tiny little girl that has a big presence in the world. It's hard to wrap my head around, so I just try to go with it. Our conversations are exactly that - real conversations. You speak in full sentences and know no limit on number of words in them. The "books" say you should be putting two or three words together by two years old. You, my friend have been doing that for at least six months. You say things like "I want to go outside and play with my purple hippo pool". It's amazing to hear you talk and ask questions and answer questions and make up stories and re-play events. Last night I asked you where the mark on your belly came from and you told me "Daddy pinch in my seat belt on my high chair" , I totally thought you were making it up, but no, he really did do that. He's sorry. You tell jokes and call yourself funny. You are compassionate and caring and loving. You are getting pretty good at sharing, but sometimes its tough. You'll get there. You have friends, that you talk about all the time and want to know where they are and what they are doing.. You want to include them in everything we do, which I love about you, always wanting to make sure everyone is included. "You coming too, Dad?" "Corbin James want some water too?", etc. You definitely like to act out around them, but you really do like them and it makes my heart swell knowing that you have them. Here's for hoping you are making a bff right now!
In a few short weeks you are going to be a big sister and you are so ready for it. You got a baby as a birthday present and all you want to do all day is feed it and change its diaper and know where it is and play with it and cuddle it. You want it to sit beside you on the couch and on your chair at your little table. You even tried to make it pee on the potty today. I am going to have a keep a close eye on you when the new little one arrives... you can't just be putting that baby on the toilet!! You give my belly hugs and kisses and rest your hand on it hoping to catch a kick, but in reality you are much too impatient to wait for something like that. You keep saying you want it to be a baby sister, but I'm pretty sure you don't know the difference and that you are going to be so smitten no matter what Swarly ends up being.
You are truly one of a kind Missy. You are fearless, funny, outgoing, loud, attentive and caring. It has been amazing watching you grow into this little person with her own ideas and opinions and feelings.
Your daddy and I are so excited to continue watching you grow and change and become the little girl you want to be. One that's independent and strong willed and happy and loving. And that's a little bit of a pain in the ass too. Because who are we kidding, you are my daughter. Heh.
We love you so much, Baby Girl, and we are very very proud to be your parents.
Mommy and Daddy

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  1. You got me teary too! This is just so beautifully written Amy!

  2. First came the lump in my throat, then the eyes filled and smiles came last.
    Written with so much love that got me as well.
    An awesome little girl who is well loved by her parents, family, and all of us lucky to be friends.
    We are so fortunate to know all three of you and can hardly wait to meet Swarly.
    love love love and more love to you T

  3. What a well written, beautiful, love filled letter to your first little wonder. Happy 2nd birthday sure sound like one spectacular little muffin that your momma and daddy and Swarly love so much.
    Amy you got me teary...what a fab momma you are!!!