Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Fifth Birthday, Jace!

Dear My Best Buddy,
Happy Happy 5th Birthday, my friend.
Five seems like a lot of years. I possibly say this about every age, but seriously, how have you been alive for five years?
This last year has held some of the absolute best moments with you. You have gone from a complete spaz to a reasonable little person that I can have a discussion with and we can finally agree on an acceptable outcome. You have certainly learned to use nice and calm words and you scream at me and Dad a whole lot less. The amount of relief I feel over this cannot be put into words. There were a lot of days where I was not sure how you and I were going to make it out on the other side of this.... but here we are and I am so grateful.


Starting Kindergarten has been one of the proudest and best things you have done. You were so completely ready to go and I was so happy for you. I know for sure that some of your new coping skills have been learned at school. You willingly get ready every morning, you happily ride your bike (almost) every morning with very little complaining and you simply smile, wave and walk into class. It is so amazing to see you thriving in that environment, and I love leaving you without feeling like I need to worry about you at all. I am so proud of you.
You love fruit and vegetables. You would be happy to eat a place of each for every meal. It is so easy to feed you. In fact, your favourite meal right now is spinach salad. Um, I have no idea how this happened, but I will not argue!


Your favourite songs are "You Look Like I Need A Drink" and "Humble and Kind" and "7 Years Old" . You always want to stay in the truck to listen to the end of whatever song is playing. I also like doing that, so I always oblige.
You are still a major tv fan. Its tough to get you to walk away from it, so we kind of have to super limit you. You love PJ Masks and The Lion Guard... actually, you love pretty much every show on Disney Junior. When you aren't watching those shows you love to play some version of them with Maizey. The two of you could play Lion Guard for hours. Its fantastic to see your imagination emerging.

 If this doesn't get you right in the heart, I don't know what will. My goodness. This slays me.

Over the last year you have become a lot less lazy and lot more willing to try hard things. Formerly, if it felt like you would have to put in even a little bit of effort, you absolutely would not try. Like, riding a two wheeler for example. You totally did it last summer, but occasionally you would stumble, so you quit trying altogether. This spring, you climbed on and rode away. I am so glad!
You also cannot be tricked into doing things you don't want to do. The age old trick of  "I bet you can't even *whatever whatever* anyways...." doesn't work. You just shrug and say "you're right, I can't". It's terribly frustrating to tell you the truth. Sometimes I just want you to be helpful. My hope is this will also evolve over time and one day I will just realize that suddenly, my years of harping at you will have paid off and you are super helpful. Lets see how that goes! haha.
I hear from your teachers that you are a really good friend. You are kind and helpful and nice to be around. I love hearing that so much. I see you interacting on the playground and know it is true.
You really love helping me bake, reading books by yourself and playing games. I try to make sure we do all of those things often.


I love your absolutely genuine smile and your really adorable dimples. I love giving you big hugs that last a super long time and I love hearing your giggle that comes straight from your guts. Its so infectious. You add so much laughter and fun to our family. You also make me border on crazy, but the truth is, without you, my days would be too quiet. I love you so much, my friend. I can't wait to see what this next year brings for us.
Happy 5th birthday Budski. You seem like a grown up now.

Mom and Dad.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Maizey Rae

Maizey, Maizey, Maizey.

7 YEARS OLD! Holy cow. I have been your mom for seven whole years and most of the time I still feel like I am just faking it, hoping one day I will become legit. But, obviously, I am not faking it and I am legitimately your mom and whoaaa, am I ever glad to be.
Not much has changed, you are still thoughtful and kind and happy and lovely. Maybe actually even more so. Truly, I do not know how you know to be so thoughtful... I thought that was like, a grownup skill that took years to learn. You, my friend, are pretty fantastic at it. Like, if we go to Home Hardware and they offer you a balloon at the checkout, before you take one you check to make sure that its alright to take one for your brother and sister as well. If they said no, you wouldn't take it. Its so kind and one of my absolute favourite things about you. We didn't teach you that, you just do it. My hope for you is that you never lose this and always remain kind hearted and thoughtful. Another grown up skill that you possess is tact. You can talk to people (adults) and get your point across or get what you need/want without being rude, and being straight to the point. I absolutely encourage this and really hope you don't lose this as well. Thats not an easy thing to learn and I feel so much pride when I see you exhibit it.


A few of your favourite things this past year: painting nails - yours, mine, Winnies, anyone that will let you. Monkey bars... you have some amazing grip strength and love to watch that America Ninja Warrior show. You even practice for it while at the playground. Currently, you work on "beating that wall" by climbing the slide over and over. Singing your favourite country song - You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell, as well as watching its (super sad) music video. Going for bike rides and to the skate park. Colouring and crafting - its never ending "artistic" messes over here. Playing "babies" with Winnie. Climbing the tree in our front yard - you fondly refer to it as "my tree". It barely scares me any more when you get insanely high, you are so confident in your ability to do it, that I have to be confident in your ability as well. Getting dressed fancy.... old flower girl dresses, or Winnies tiny shirts. Its makes me equal parts crazy and happy - you're having fun, but you make so much laundry. Its such a toss up for me. haha


You love Sushi and fries from Emos and chicken pot pie. You eat things you don't care for without a problem and remind Jace and Winnie that "dinner is not a choice" to encourage them to do the same. You love talking. Like, a lot. We have some fabulous conversations. I occasionally have to remind you that sometimes it's ok to not talk as well. ;) I also occasionally have to remind you to stop talking like a baby. Hooooly cow that makes me crazy. It's cute when Winnie says it, but we would like her to not say it like that for forever, so please stop talking like her so she can learn to say it properly. Please. PLEASE.
You had a bit of a tough transition to your new school last fall, but once it all fell into place, you did really well. You've made some wonderful school friends, as well as managed to maintain your previous friendships. It's a bizarre thing to watch you make your way in the (school) world. It's hard on my mama heart to watch you learn life lessons, but I am thankful that you still feel comfortable and confident enough to engage with us about school "stuff ". We hope we will always be able to keep these lines of communication open.
You are such a great big sister, not only to Jace and Winnie, but to Henry and probably Frankie when he gets bigger, and also every one younger than you that you come in contact with. You are helpful and patient and always willing to lend a hand. We feel 100% confident asking you to watch Winnie in the back yard, you are learning to be so responsible. It feels like such a big help and we are thankful for it.


Mostly, what I (we) want to tell you, is that we absolutely love the little girl that you are, and the bigger girl you are becoming. We are so  proud of you, of your heart and head and your strength and determination. You are certainly one of the good ones. This world, our world, is absolutely better because you are in it.
Happy 7th Birthday, Meem. We sure do love you.

Love, Mom and Dad

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy First Birthday, Winnie The Pooh

Dear Winnie,
Happy first birthday, sweet girl.

You are the last baby we will have and the fact that this is the last first birthday we will celebrate for our kids has been like a lump in my throat all day. Seriously, how can you possibly be one already? Wasn't I just counting down the days until you would start eating food, or counting the months I had left of breastfeeding? Here we are - you eating anything and everything and showing no signs of stopping nursing. I just can't figure out how it goes so fast. "The days are long, the years are short" - it's startlingly true.

You have been walking for six weeks now and going down the stairs for about 3 weeks. Determined is the word I use to describe you. You climb in and out and on and off and up and down everything. You are not afraid and you are so strong. You climb the ladder and get onto the trampoline and you turned around and slid down the slide on your belly a few days ago, as though it was no big deal. You get bumps and bruises all the time but you don't let them slow you down. You currently have a healing goose egg on your forehead, a purple eye lid and a small red dot on each cheek. I only know for sure how one of them happened.

You have gotten incredibly chatty over the last month, babbling non-stop mixed in with words that we are pretty sure are real.
Whats that?
Hi dada (so cute, holding an old phone up to your ear)

You don't sleep all night - some nights not even close, others a bit better. Um, could you just start doing that soon please and thank you?!
You follow me everywhere I go and then sit or stand at my feet. You just like to be in close proximity to me most of the time. You don't usually need anything, you just like me to be there.
You still love a good snuggle. You lean in for the sweetest hugs and pat my back as we hug. I about burst from the sweetness of it.
You like to give kisses - they are very....slobbery.
You smile and giggle very easily for us. For others? Stone faced. You are a seriously tough nut to crack. But when you do? Your giggle is so stinkin' cute.
Every single diaper change is a wrestling match. It's actually not that fun, just so you know.
Dad says your favorite place to play is the stairs. I say your favorite thing to play with is stuffies, you just walk around hugging and kissing them and talking to them.
You make a run for any open door you see. Nobody is going to cage Winnie in.

You weighed 19lbs exactly at your one year check up. You really are small and it's almost bizarre watching all that you are capable of because it just seems like you shouldn't be able to do any of them given your size. You are this tiny little fierce walking machine.

We love you so so much little girl. I could never have imagine anything better than our life with you. You have a connection with both Maizey and Jace that is all you guys. It's different with both of them and it's all yours. It's amazing to watch. THEY love you so so so much. Sometimes a little too much and a little too touchy - they can't leave you alone literally ever. I think it pisses me and Dad off more than it does you. You admire them in a way I could only have dreamed about. Lets just hope this keeps up for years to come!

Happy first birthday sweet girl. I can't wait to watch how you grow and change and turn into the bigger kid you are going to be. I want to hear your voice and see you shine. Hopefully when we are both a bit more rested. haha - barely kidding.
We love you Winnie The Pooh (Winnie the pooper, Lady, ladybug), more than you will ever know.
Mama and Daddy.