Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Messes

Buddy pulled a "Maizey" this morning before I got up to get him out of his bed. I should have been more suspicious of the abnormal quiet.
Then, while he was waiting for the bath to fill, he peed on the bathroom floor.
After that mess was cleaned up and the worlds fastest bath was had by my children, he pulled the brand new, giant bag of just opened Rice Krispies off the counter (omg, when did he get tall enough to reach stuff o the counter??!!), spilling them alllllllll over the kitchen floor.
Just know, my reaction scared the bejeesus out of him. But not so much that he wouldn't do it again, I'm sure.
Promptly after that he put his bowl of cereal on his freshly washed hair and later, he wiped his snot covered face on my shoulder.


So, this is where I am at today, since pretty much all I will be doing is cleaning up messes and trying not to sell him, I think I deserve this coffee. Oh, but his muffin covered hands were also wiped on my sleeve. Time for another load of laundry to go on, I guess.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sore Toe Story

You know those times when you do something that's, umm.... kind of stupid, and after it happens you hope no one heard you - so you sit there in silence, waiting, except it's not actually in silence, because you really did hurt yourself so you are wincing and kind of gasping a little in pain? And of course your husband heard the thud and can hear the whinging and is coming to see what happened because despite his repeated "are you ok's?", you still haven't answered. Then he finds you on the floor outside of the bathroom door and he lovingly helps you up and is kind of laughing a little but is seriously thinking, what the shit just happened? You really don't want to tell him, but you are actually hurt and have to limp away and he won't quit with the asking. You contemplate lying, but really, no lie you can come up with in a split second will explain the ridiculousness of the whole thing, which is when you realize you have to tell the truth. But it's soooo stupid.  

Did you trip over this.... hat?? 
I got my toe caught in the leg of my pants as I was walking and it tripped me and I think my toe is broken now. 

 What??? He replies. I can't even guess what you mean.

My toe. It got caught in my pant leg. As I was walking. And it tripped me. I also hurt my knee when I landed on it. 

Seriously? You are being serious? 

OMG YES! I'm serious. It hurts. Look. It's purple!!! Leave me alone. 

I sat there for a few minutes. He helped Maizey, which was what I was on my way to do. I've wiggled my purple and throbbing big toe a few times and it actually really hurts. I'm almost laughing about it. Almost.

Could you have come up with a better story than that? Even now, an hour later, I can't come up with anything.

Hopefully I can fit in my shoe in the morning, I have six miles to run.

Monday, April 22, 2013

That Time That My Kids Had The Sweetest Baby Sitter Ever

Last week ( two weeks ago? more?) .... whenever it was that I went to visit my parents, we decided to go out for dinner. Since we wanted to go to the Longview Steak House, we didn't want to take the kids. (Whats that? You haven't heard of the Longview Steak House? Well, just know it's basically the best restaurant you will ever eat at. Go now. You're welcome.) So my mom asked a little girl that lives over the hill from them to babysit. She is twelve and was SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. She was texting my mom for days (from her moms phone) saying thank you for this opportunity and omg I'm so excited. It was so cute. So her mom dropped her off and I was convinced that she was pretty much the sweetest 12 year old girl I have ever met. She even brought presents for my kids - hand-me-down toys that she didn't want anymore! I was fine. My kids have had, like, three babysitters in their life and for some reason I am shockingly calm over the whole thing. Her mom and  my mom on the other hand... well. they were, umm... nervous? also excited? borderline frantic? I don't know, but it was funny. After much chit chat and assurance and re-assurance that she would call if she had any problems and we would make the 6 minute drive home, we left. I enjoyed every minute of that two hour dinner and also every bite. (I had the lamb, in case you were wondering) (get it. for real) (my mouth just watered thinking about it).
While I drove her home after dinner we made small talk. My mom and dad had tried to explain to me who her parents are, but being that they are just that much older than me, we never went to school together and don't know each other. They said that her dad works in the movies. I asked questions but they didn't have too many answers, so I decided to ask her about it.
Our conversation went exactly like this:

Me: So, my parents said your dad works in the movies. Where does he do that? 

Her: Oh, he is usually in Toronto or Vancouver or right now he is in Kananaskis. We are going to go visit him this weekend because his hotel has a pool. He's filming a movie called (insert name I can't remember), it's kind of about winter and stuff. 

Me: Oh cool. So, like, what does he do in the movies?

Her: Have you ever heard of one of those things called a "Stunt man"? 

Me: OMG YES! Your dad is a STUNT MAN??? That is so cool!!! 

Her: Ya..........

Me: So has he been in any movies that I have would've heard of? 

Her: Um, have you ever heard of those movies called, like, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore?

Me: Um, have YOU ever heard of those movies?? 
     (just kidding, I didn't say that, but I thought it)

Me: YES! 

Her: ya, the scene in Happy Gilmore where the guy gets hit by the car? that's my dad! 

Me: What???? For real??? That is so cool! WOW!!!!!

Her: Ya......... it's pretty cool. 

I would like to insert a lot more exclamation points and all caps, but... I won't. She was hilarious and cute and obviously oblivious to the fact that that is super cool job!
And then, my lamb seemed very insignificant. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Made A Trip So Long Ago That I Almost Forget What Happened.

I'm not trying to rub it in, all my Alberta friends, but Spring has so sprung here.We have been spending a lot of time in the backyard, at the park, and bbqing. I even made myself an ice-coffee this afternoon. Hello April, it is so nice to see you not being a total weather bitch this year.

I made a weekend trip home to see my family for a post-Easter visit and since I got back we have been busy with the whole spring business. Getting out toys, raking, starting spring projects, planning gardens, etc. I had lots to say about it, but  now it seems like so long ago that I think it will suffice to say, it was a great trip. One of the best in a long time. It was relaxing - besides a mouse thing, which I won't get into, but thankfully my brother Riley helped me out, despite his great fear of them too - and we had lots of great visits with lots of great people and it was post-spring-storm and pre-more-like-winter-again storm, so we totally lucked out with the weather.  My kids love visiting Nannie and Grampa. LOVE. There are tractor rides and walks to see the calves and drinks from the hose and early morning peanut butter toast with Grampa and much more. Plus, they get up with the kids every morning, so how fun is that? Even though it was so long ago now, thanks Mom and Pat for a great visit! and to everyone else making time for us and for everyone we missed, next time for sure!

Anyways, this video sums up our days right now.

So any of you Albertans want to come visit, we would love to have you!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter And 30th Birthdays And Road Trips

Catch up time...

I took the kids on a weekend road trip to Vancouver (solo trip, as Brian had to work) two weekends ago.


Ang was down there with her family, so we crashed their family vacation and spent the weekend with them.




We took the kids to the aquarium and did a little touring around the city. So so so much fun. I was just shy of getting down on my hands and knees and kissing that green grass. We needed that sunny break.

(see that green grass right there?!)


I just have to say this - my kids are such awesome travelers. And I have met my match - I have never known someone that needs more pee stops than me.... Maizey, you win.

Photographic evidence that I actually was there!




We got back and the next day, Maizey got the flu. It took her down haaardd. Promptly following the flu, well, actually over lapping with the flu, both Maizey and Jace got an eye infection and the second we saw that clearing up, the flu hit Jace and is still taking him down.


The kid basically hasn't stopped eating since the day he was born, and up until this morning it had been 36 hours with nothing. It's so sad. It has been a long, messy week around this house. Just so you know, eye drops are so not easy to put into a feisty 19 month old's eyes. Oh, the screaming.

I had a big, super fun and amazing surprise trip planned for Brian's 30th birthday. Oh, it was going to be amazing. Everything was lining up perfectly with his first week of holidays, flights and my parents baby-sitting and the hotel and the baseball games and on and on and on and on.




And then I realized, it was SO NOT something he wanted. I was totally planning the 30th birthday that I wanted. So, I cancelled all travel plans and sent out an email to his friends and asked who would be around to celebrate, surprise style, on Easter weekend.

how beautiful is my pregnant bestie??


 It worked out pretty well, and this weekend, we surprised him at 12 mile with beer, fishing rods, a fire and hot dogs and a beautiful afternoon at the river, followed by sushi and bowling.




 Low key and fun. He was surprised and happy, which was exactly what I wanted.



Easter. Oh, Easter. My favorite holiday to hate and love at the same time. After my *ahem* effort last year, I semi dropped the ball this year. Oh we talked a whole lot about dying eggs and making some sort of Easter craft. But then.... it just didn't happen. We put out some eggs.... uhhh, I mean the Easter bunny put out some eggs and two new coloring books and Maizey was happy and hopped up on chocolate (and didn't even have to share any yet, because poor Buddy is too sick) and thats what really matters, isn't it??