Monday, May 30, 2011

Gardening And Watermelon

My body is screaming YOU DID TOO MUCH YOU DID TOO MUCH GO TO BED... and to be honest, I did do too much. But that's ok, you know why? Because it was a beautiful day out, I got a lot of stuff accomplished, I ate watermelon, which hello, yum! that never hurts and come tomorrow morning, I won't be stiff anymore, so who really cares.
My garden is ready to be planted, and had the damn hardware had the seeds I wanted, it would be done, but alas that was not the case. So hopefully I will get that done in the next few days. I am so ready for fresh carrots!!
I planted one little planter. Now if the porch of our house didn't look so, um... rustic? (ha) it would look a lot nicer. Oh well, it will all come together in time.
The cute little bath tub in the back garden is weeded and ready for something to go in it.. any suggestions?? Its mostly in the shade.
Maizey and I walked with my friend formerly known as my running friend, who is now just my friend, since its been a really long hiatus from the running. We still work out most mornings, and today we just walked instead. We walked long, but not really fast and she helped me out at the end by pushing the stroller. Its nice to be able to drink coffee, chat and get some exercise all at once. Plus, I really like her, so an un-interrupted  hour to just visit is good, really good.
And then we ate watermelon. Hello my summer love.
I did take a lot of pleasure in seeing Maizeys dirty little gardening hands wrapped around a piece of this seasonal deliciousness.

 And in seeing the juice drip off her chin. Now that is someone that is really enjoying it!

Good day, really really good day. Besides the 5am wake up call and late nap.
But seriously, my body is screaming at me. Its bed time.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Maizey Knows

The older Maizey gets, the more she gets things. She has expectations and ideas, she laughs at herself and us when we do funny things.
She remembers where she puts things, like the keys. There have been more than one operation find the keys, when we should have just asked her where she put them.
Then I watch her casually make her way around the living room, with her hands in her pockets, kicking her heels, until she gets to her kitchen, where she lifts the sink out, peers in, looks at me all sweet-like, reaches her arm in and pulls out my keys that I have been searching for, for like, a good 10 minutes.
"I get them mama"
 I found a red ball on the floor of the truck today, underneath a bunch of crap. I asked her where the ball came from and she answered me "Tuckers ball-ball", so I asked her where it came from and she said "no know" . Then I remembered that they were playing with it when we went fishing with Tucker and his dad, so she must have swiped it and we didn't notice. Sorry Tucker, we'll get that back to you!!
My point is, that she remembers things. And knows things. Things that I would probably never have thought she knew, or remembered.
She sings songs now, no they aren't word for word and she is bigger on doing the actions in the right order than saying the right words, but still, she totally knows songs. Happy Birthday. The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Elmos Song. Elmos Ducks.
Pretty soon there aren't going to be anymore secrets just between us... soon shes going to start ratting me out to Brian about where we were and what we were doing. Like how we stopped two blocks from home to eat the treat we bought so we don't have to share. *Ahem* not that that's ever happened. But if it does, I so will not be getting away with it very soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nice To Meet You

Last night I had to meet a lady whom I had only spoken to on the phone. I introduced myself and we shook hands. Maizey held her hand out to be shook and said "I'm Mimi" . The lady could not control her laughter.

This morning Maizey was telling me something very serious. She took my hand and led me to the fridge, so I opened it for her. She stood in front of it and said 'hmmm, peaches. ohhhh cado (her way of saying avocado). yep pickles. Ya, mama, pickles.' So, I fed her a pickle for breakfast.

She is speaking in sentences. If they were written sentences you would see periods between every. single. word.
Our conversations go something like this:
Mimi. coat. on.
mama. coat. on. too.
Yes, Maizey I am just putting my shoes on, I will put my coat on in a second.
mama. coat. on. now. outside.

Direct and bossy. That's my girl.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Same But Different

Twenty One Weeks. Over half way. I can hardly believe it.

Everything is slowly coming back to me, feeling familiar, yet foreign. The twinges and pangs are constant little reminders that I am growing a little human in there.
When pregnant with Maizey, I ate toasted tomato sandwiches for breakfast almost every morning. This time around, I still eat sandwiches, just cheese and pickle instead. ( I know, I know, pregnant woman buys pickles by the truck load, haha)
Last time, I had two cravings - five cent candies and a slurpee. Upon getting said items, I was left unsatisfied as I really don't care for either of those things. Again, this time, I got a weird (to me) craving, but this time, I was left feeling very satisfied. A soft ice-cream sundae from the Nomad. I am fearing that I am going to be all over that when the full blown hot weather gets here.
I had an intense feeling that Maizey was going to be a girl right off the bat. So much so, that when the doctor said "It's a girl", all I could think was Obviously. I already knew that. I have no idea this time. Not even a little bit. I was thinking boy in the beginning, but the dreaded love handles and back fat have started to make their grand entrance again (albeit, much much later this time), so now, I have NO idea.
This 15-year-old-boy-acne. Seriously. What the hell? I definitely did NOT have this with Maizey. And I really, really don't care for it. (For purely vain reasons, I will not be posting a picture of it. Yikes)
I am due a month later than my due date with Maizey. I wore maternity clothes a month earlier this time. Despite having gained approximately half the weight I did with Maizey, my belly is much bigger.


 I feel the need to sleep a lot less, even though I think I am feeling more tired. Maybe I just had the time pre-Maizey to sleep more.

Regardless of all the differences, I am still remembering all the things that are the same. The excitement at more frequent and stronger action. The first time Brian felt a kick. The little Michelle Kwan moves going on in there, in what I can only assume is actually very little space. Its all so strange, yet not strange at all.
I am just one of those people that really does enjoy being pregnant.
This could very easily be the last time I am pregnant, so I am just going to savor every little feeling. Every new roll of back fat and all.

My view

Dont be distracted, like I am when I look at this photo, by my need to re-paint my toenails

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

So I have this little girl.
She made me a mama.
Nothing can compare to how much I love her.
Seriously, nothing.
I can't wait for the days of cold, soggy toast in bed and homemade cards with scribbles and misspelled words, all made with love.

(the one and only photo of the two of us from the whole day)

Mothers Day. Thanks to her *with a little help from her daddy* I know how much I am loved. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

20 Month Old Maizey-isms

Maizeys quirkiness is one of the things I love most about her. She does things that crack us up, all the time. Sometimes its the looks and actions, but more and more lately, its been the words she saying. Her vocabulary is getting so big, and she is testing out new words all the time. Sometimes, it takes a few tries to figure out exactly what she says, but the more we pay attention, the more we see just how many things she picks up on, and repeats.
I just want there to be a record of some of the cute little things she is saying and doing right now. She just hit the 20 month mark and all of a sudden, she has become a totally different little girl. Complete with tempter tantrums and all. 

Me: So Maizey, we are going to have pizza for supper tonight. 
Maizey: No, sushi.

Maizey, how old are you?
Umm, six. No, two. uhhhh, eighteen months.

 A conversation with herself while she should have been sleeping:

Melmo Melmo Melmo... NAP
Baby Baby Baby... NAP

Then she quietly lays her blanket over them and kisses them

 Q: Are you going to have a bath after dinner tonight Maizey?
A: Bubbles? 

As the snow melted over the last few weeks, there was a ton of garbage left in the yard.
As she picked up a broken Tupperware container and a soggy smarties box, she was yelling at us - BARGAGE. BARGAGE. BARGAGE. We were saying, I have no idea what you are talking about.
It took a while to realize she was saying garbage all along.

(Insert evil sounding laugh)
Ha Ha Ha Funny, Me. Ha Ha Ha. 

The conversations with herself are getting more interesting too.

Papa, house? No, Papa house.
Nana, house? No, Nana house.
Meow Meow house? Yes. 

Dora Dora? No. 
Max, Wudy? No.
Wee Vee, No. 

Me's milp? There it is. 
(asking where is my milk? Then answering, Oh, there it is)

For some reason... I can't think of anymore. Funny, when they happen, I am certain I will never forget them. I will try to remember more for another day.