Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Pregnancy = Awesome?

The whole of last week I was thinking about a post I would write about how this has been the best summer EVER to be pregnant. I mean seriously, days that are only 14 degrees out?? It doesn't get much better than that for a very pregnant person. I was thinking about writing how it has meant we can spend long afternoons outside, what with the low 20's temps and the light breezes, how it has made for fewer trips to the Nomad for ice cream and how I hardly notice the inevitable swoobs that come with being pregnant in the summer (don't lie, you all know it happens!). I was going to write how I am less swollen than with Maizey and how I have even wore jeans this time around, which practically doubled my wardrobe, unlike last time, where two pairs of shorts and 3 tank tops had to get me by. I thought how nice it has been that the cool (just know that I did hesitate to write cool rather than cold, which some days it has been) days have been balanced by a scorching hot day here and there and that has done wonders for the yard and my garden.

my fifth picking of spinach this big!! holy crap...
 I was even going to write how my garden is the best and most bountiful it has ever been thanks to the *pretty much* daily rain (interesting what regular watering does for a garden...!) and that a price can't be put on eating healthy and delicious home grown food, even if it at the expense of a perfect tan or countless days on the golf course. I was going to write that I am still comfortably sleeping, other than the its getting really hard to get in and out of bed , thanks to the nice cool temperature in the house and that the uncomfortable-ness that I experienced last time just really hasn't happened yet. I was going to say that me and mother nature are pretty much homegirls right now. BFF's.
Then this weekend happened. My beloved Kokanee weekend. Where baseball playing and drinking beer goes hand in hand with cliff jumping and sun stroke. So I should have known that it would be hot. I was taken screaming back to the pregnant summer of Maizey where visions of 38 degree parade days and weeks of no rain or breeze haunted me. Where I sat in a kiddy pool and hoped no one saw the beached whale that I was. I was lucky enough to have the forethought to get out of the house in the mornings, when it was still bearable, then be home and hiding in the basement all afternoon. And I learned that dinner time is a perfect time to go to the lake.. everyone else is eating dinner and there are very few people down there. Plus its really shady and cool at 6:00.

I will not complain. I will not complain. I will not complain.
I have been lucky and I know that. I think it helps knowing how bad it could be. I just hope it doesn't stay this way for the rest of the month or *gasp* get worse...

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