Saturday, November 15, 2014

What Day Is It?

So many things to write, so little time, so little head space to even attempt to put coherent thoughts down.

I asked my friend Paola yesterday if it was the first of the month, since she was going in to do payroll. "Yes, Amy" is what she replied, "It's December 1st tomorrow". And then we laughed and laughed and laughed. So that's basically where I am at right now.

A few days ago I asked Jace to pass me my phone so I could check what time it was. He picked it up and pushed the button then put his index finger to his lips and said "Hmmm, I think it says it's time for me to watch Super Why on your phone". That is an exact time, in case you didn't know.

If I sit down at the table to eat any meal, automatically Winnie starts crying. This morning while sound asleep in her bouncy chair, Jace walked by holding a small pumpkin and out of nowhere lost his grip and dropped it on her. Literally, on her. She didn't even move, just kept sleeping away. I mean, what the fuck Winnie?

We were given the book called "The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs" which is the story of the three little pigs from the wolfs perspective. We have had it for awhile but it was hidden on the book shelf so we hadn't read it. Maizey found it and chose it as her bed time story, it is a fantastic book, if you haven't seen or read it, go find it! Anyways, in the book the wolf claims that he is trying to bake a birthday cake for his Granny and needs to borrow a cup of sugar, which is why he is knocking on the pigs doors. Well, the third pig denies him the cup of sugar, tells the wolf not to bother him again AND yells at him "AND YOUR OLD GRANNY CAN SIT ON A PIN". I finished the story and closed the book when Maizey turned to me with tears running down her face. She was so sad that they wouldn't give him the sugar and that the last pig told him that his granny should sit on a pin. My postpartum hormones just can't handle things like that, so obviously, I started to cry too. What an asshole pig.

I had planned to post some pictures, so obviously Winnie just woke up. Oh well, I suppose there is always next week. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Ten years ago we moved into this house.
We were 21 year old kids that couldn't afford to hook up both cable AND internet, so we had to choose one or the other. We went with internet. Two months after we moved in we ran out oil, which was how the house was heated and we scraped together the minimum we needed for the guy to come and put some in. It was a cold two days before he came. There was a constant flow of people through the door. We woke up many mornings with friends passed out on the couch that were not there when we went to bed the night before. We had big renovation plans to take out a wall between the only bedroom and a little tiny room beside it. We watched "Friends" on a never ending loop on VHS, then on DVD, which is obviously  how we learned to speak entirely in "Friends" quotes.There were New Years Eve parties, botched halloween mowhawks, the infamous raw garlic night, the shoes hanging from the power line out front, drink all day days ( we were kids. what can I say?!), Canada Day bbq's. So many memories. So much laughing.
We partied a lot. One night on our walk home from the bar we came across a lost and lonely Coopers shopping cart so naturally I climbed in and Brian pushed me home. That shopping cart sat in our carport for years - we talked often about loading it up and taking it back, but for some reason never got around to it. Then we ripped the carport down and the cart got moved to behind the shed. It sat there for three more years. In the meantime, Coopers got new shopping carts so we couldn't return it. This past spring when readying the house to be listed, we put it in the back of the truck to take it to the dump. All the time I cursed that cart and the fact that it was still laying around here, but when it came time to unload it at the dump I was over come with emotion. It was one of the last reminders of one of the funnest times in my life and leaving it in the metal pile marked the real end of an era.

purely out of nostalgia, I climbed in at the dump. My husband was equal parts more in love and completely embarrassed. haha

We poured every cent and all of our blood sweat and tears into this house. 
We got engaged in this house, we got married in this house, we brought all our babies home to this house.

bringing Maizey home

bringing Jace home

bringing Winnie home

We watched first steps and heard first words here. We spend sleepless nights in this living room soothing crying kids.
We put up a tiny little Charlie Brown Christmas tree our first Christmas here as a couple and this year we will put up our final one in this house as a family of five. 

A sold sign went up on Friday afternoon.

I know I should be happy, and eventually I will be, but for now, I can barely say the words without feeling weepy.

The truth is we outgrew this house a long time ago. We have been bursting at the seams for years. We need to move on, but I am just so shitty at change and this is a big one.

We bought it as broke twenty something year old kids.
We sold it as (a little) less broke thirty something year old family.

I am really going to miss this place.