Monday, October 4, 2010


When I talk about going to Turner Valley for a visit, I say I am going home. When I am in Turner Valley I say I am going home on Monday. Meaning here, Revelstoke. Home. Both are home. Both hold a part of me. Always will. I love going home. To my family. Then I love coming home.  To my family.
The Alberta sky is always so dramatic. Like you never know whats brewing. Its big, its usually sunny (even if it minus-freaking-forty) and its always inviting.

It welcomes me home every time I cross that line.

and it waves good bye as I go home.

 Maizey and I made the trip home to shower the wedding of one my high school best friends Cartwright (waaaahhhh - soon I won't be able to call her that anymore...)
There was a whole lotta love for her at the shower! People who have known her since she was barely a day old, who were there when she came home from the hospital. People who taught her grade four and people who are welcoming her into their family.

There was laughing and sipping drinks and games and food. And again a whole lotta love.

I could not be happier for these two! They so deserve the beautiful day that is coming! One more month and we will be on the beach in Mexico, shooting tequila and slamming margaritas (haha, just kidding, obviously... about the tequila part at least), while waiting for the big day! Can't wait!
Congrats Cartwright! I am SO happy and excited for everything that's coming! See you on the beach! wooo!

It was a crazy weekend for my family, so the time we got was precious! We got to spend the most time with Travis and Rim and the kids! Ohhhh, I do love the craziness that comes along with three littles aged two and under!

I was hoping that seeing Jaya running around would entice Maizey to do more walking. Sadly, it didn't. She actually could care less about what other people are doing. So she just did her thing on the playground anyways.

We played and played and played. There was some sharing and some not sharing, some laughing and some crying. There was some 'I-am-so-happy-to-here' moments and some 'I-am-so-ready-to-be-at-home' moments. I got to meet Caera, the newest edition to our family. I feel as though she has been welcomed with open arms and I am so grateful for that. Its going to be great. Because really, what else could it be?

And then there's Elynn. Sweet little Elynn that can sit quietly and watch and patiently wait for her turn. Her sweetness is un-beatable. 

We finally got to see my dad today, this morning, before we left. He soaked up as much Maizey time as he could. It was tough to leave after such a short visit... He sure does love grand-daughter time. 

(giving Grampa a drink) 

And she does love her some good grampa time. 

It was a short visit. My Grannie squeezed us in for a quick hour and a half and that was it. It was busy and not busy at the same time. Next time will be longer. For real. 

Congrats again Cartwright - can't wait for the big day! I will the one in the white dress. Oh wait, not THE white dress, just A white dress. It won't be faux pas - trust me. It's going to be fan-freaking-tastic!

I am home. I sang a million songs, I know that a rabbit doesn't say ribbit and a mouse doesn't say tweet tweet, but on this farm, nobody effing cares. I got to 46 bottles of beer on the wall before I felt like I had drank 46 bottles of beer. I made up a song about the veggies in the garden and made myself so hungry I finally just ate the dame fake cheese filled mini ritz sandwiches. They were good. One more trip under our belt. We are happy to be here.


  1. It's so nice for you that you live not to far from your family, that you can make trips more than once a year. I love looking at pictures of family that hardly get to see each other, you can just feel the love flowing out of them, especilly love the ones of your dad with Maizey. Is Caera Travis' other daughter? How do you pronounce her name? She's beautiful and looks like she fits right in :) Glad that Cartwright is so happy and that you guys will be on a beach in Mexico soon to celebrate their happiness. Mom and I just decided that we are all going to go to Disneyland the beginning of Dec now...I can't wait. Ryan and Dad are little less enthused about it than me and Mom, but they'll warm up to it once we're there :) Love to read about your days away from me and can't wait for the days we'll be together again...haha (cheesy). Miss and love you all!

  2. Oh Andrea, How I love your comments, cheesy-ness and all!! Just think, a few more days and it's "our" anniversary! Hard to believe it's been 7 years... hehe! Yes, Caera is my new niece! She is very nice girl, she seemed to fit right in! Her name is pronounced *kara* just a funny spelling!
    Yayyyy! Have fun in Disneyland - I'm sure the Dads will have fun once they are there!

  3. Wow 7 years!! That's Crazy! Time sure goes by fast these days. I'm glad you like my cheesy-ness cause I know how much you like to get comments and sometimes that's all I've got. lol