Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Compost And Such

This afternoon we worked outside, trying to get everything put to bed for the winter, including the garden. Since my garden yielded next to nothing other than a crap load of green and yellow beans this year, like as in two heads of lettuce, one pumpkin, 20 carrots and 10 beets, I decided I needed to do something about it. There's nothing like putting all the hours in, to end up with nothing. So I am trying my hand at adding compost and beefing up the soil. I bid on a load of crap (literally) at the silent auction on the weekend (My mom is going to find it hilarious that I am admitting that!!!!!) but, what the eff... *I didn't get it*... so after some research and asking around, I decided I would rake my neighbors yard and add the leaves, plus mow my lawn and add all the clippings, AND go to Brians parents and shovel shit... uhhh, I mean fertilizer to add. We don't have a wheel barrow so we improvised with Maizeys wagon, her favorite toy, and hauled all 15 loads of leaves over.

I am trying to be trusting, but I just don't see how these leaves are going to become dirt. Someone help me out here!!!

Maizey prefers to just play on the steps while we work. Brian caught some of her many new and awesome facial expressions...

(This may or may not have been seconds before I heard some serious crying, which may or may not have been the result of someone falling off the side with no railing of the steps) (I'm thinking "whoops... Joey fell down the stairs again")

(Don't mind the snot. It was cold out)

We pulled her around in a wagon full of leaves and she loved it

We didn't harvest our lone pumpkin soon enough, so it is now contributing to our compost factor. SO sad.

A solid day at Casa de McGiven
Loving the beautiful weather and all the work we got done! Bring on the snow! JUST KIDDING... oh shiza... what have I done?!?!


  1. Compost Recipe:
    - Equal parts brown matter and green matter
    - Add a few handfuls of soil
    - Add ash or store-bought nitrogen mix if you want
    - Add enough water to make it the consistency of a damp sponge
    - Pile in a heap / composter and leave until spring, stirring occasionally, kept moist but not wet.
    - By spring, it will have mostly turned into loam.
    - Mix it into your garden with rake and shovel, and you're good to go.

    Don't do this on grass or it'll kill it. Do it on existing soil.
    If you don't stir it often enough, it may attract critters, so keep it away from the house.


  2. Woooo, thanks Tim! I am thinking I will try the nitrogen mix - I have the brown matter covered, and the green is still coming! Its been pissing rain so I dont need to add any water....
    Sounds great! Am I supposed to stir it all winter too? Won't it freeze?

  3. I hope you didn't use Maizey's little wagon to haul the fertilizer too. lol Love all Maizey's new faces. She is just so cute! I can't wait to give those little cheeks some kisses. That's so dissappointing about your pumpkin. I never got any pumpkins. Did you have to manually pollinate yours? Someone told me that's what they do.

  4. Andrea, hahaha, no we didn't use her wagon for the shit... we have to get it from Brians parents house, so we'll have to bring it home in buckets I think.
    No we didn't pollinate ours, but I did read that you shouldn't water squash at night (which, of course I did) so I think that's why it only got one, instead of the 12 it was supposed to.
    I want to see you guys too and give that little (big?) belly a rub!