Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Food. Good Meat. Good God Lets Eat

Eat we did. I have a food baby. A serious one. Three turkey dinners is not for the faint of heart. I think it was actually beneficial for me to go to three dinners in three days, because it really kept me in check. I couldn't over do it on day one because I still had two more to go, and I couldn't over do it on day two because I still had another one the next day and by day three, well... I could've over done it, but by then it was no longer the turkey dinner anymore, it was just another meal, so there was no need to over do it. I just want to state for the record that I freaking love turkey dinner. And pumpkin pie, or whatever delicious pumpkin or not pumpkin dessert is served. And good company. And being ever so thankful for the good things and the not good things and all the people in our life. And everything else out there that I could possibly freaking love, I do.
I can remember where I was for..hmmm... probably like, the last eight thanksgivings. Some were home with my family, some were home with Brians family and some were with my pseudo-family. No matter where, they were always fun and happy and delicious and well... wonderful. Just like this weekend.

Turkey day #1 was part thanksgiving dinner celebrations and part Happy Birthday Chelsea!!

Brian had to work so it was just Maizey and I.

 the surprised look says she wasn't supposed to be eating pumpkin praline cheesecake and she got busted!

We set up the play pen in a bedroom so Maizey could go to bed and we stayed and played games late into the night. Uhhh, actually it was only like 10:00 or something like that. What can I say? I guess I'm not hardcore anymore. I am blaming the turkey actually. Thanks Chelsea, Stacey and Family for inviting us to your celebration! So glad we could be there!

Turkey day #2 was at Brians parents.

hahaha I just noticed there's something in the window behind Brians neck and it totally looks like he has a mullet! hahahahahaha!

The usual Sunday crowd was there and it was yummy and fun as always! Maizey still isn't too keen on her great grampa, she cries if he looks at her too much and won't usually go anywhere near him. I think he made a few small steps in the right direction when he serenaded her on the piano!

She even let him feed her supper. That's more like huge steps in the right direction!

Turkey day #3 was in Kelowna at my moms. Brian had to work for this one too, so it was just us girls again. My brother, Tyler and his girlfriend Jen were out too. We had another long time family friend there as well, so it was small, but homey. I baked my first apple pie for the occasion. Let me show you...

Ta-daaaa!! I did it! No, the edges were not perfectly fluted and there were a *few* spots where I had to piece the top crust together, but I can assure you, the A on the top not only stood for Apple, but also for A-freaking-mazing!! It was golden brown with just a slight bit of gooey-goodness coming out the top and smelled to die for. Of course, no one would know any of this, because like a total idiot... I forgot the pie at home. So we will be enjoying this pie, just the two of us, for the next few days. So sad, I know.
We got to spend most of the afternoon with everyone in Kelowna, then an early dinner because Maizey and I had to come home last night.

Perfect way to close my favorite weekend of all time. I am good on the turkey until Christmas now.

Thanks everyone for inviting us to all your festivities! We had so much!
My grampa wasn't big on saying grace. He taught us kids to say
'Good Food
Good Meat
Good God Lets Eat'
It seems to fit Thanksgiving 2010.


  1. I love the little barrettes that you can fit in Maizey's hair now, SO cute! And Brian's Mullet So hot! Actually when I saw it I thougth he just had a really hairy neck then you said mullet! Also love that you forgot the pie!!! I burst out laughing when I read that. It's too bad that nobody got to taste it to vouch for it ;o) It did look pretty sad, but I'm not saying I could do any better I have never even attempted to make one so good on ya for making one. I bet it DID taste delicious! You're lucky you got so many suppers, I did not get my fill of turkey this year. We went to Mike and Amanda's for supper and it was really good, but I didn't get any leftovers and I LOVE leftover turkey sandwiches. Glad Mom is planning on making one when her and Dad get home so I can steal some leftovers from them. TTYS miss you guys!

  2. I know! The barrettes are so stinking cute!
    Next year you can come to our house and celebrate with three turkey dinners too!
    Miss you too! xo