Friday, October 8, 2010


October. Our Anniversary. My Birthday. My Moms Birthday. Pumpkins. Thanksgiving. Halloween. Fall. Beauty Fall Days. Vests. Red. I love October.
Six of us took our littles (well 5 kids and one token non-mama) to the pumpkin patch... actually its not a patch so much as a tourist trap thats really cool and sets up a big pumpkin display and has goats. But we took our kids there to take cute pictures with the pumpkins, and to have fun doing something different. Well thats why I went anyways.

Fun it was. We have five very different kids, all at different stages, all doing different things, all with very different personalities. It's great to see them interact, or not interact with one another. Some get along great, some are more like frenemies (Bailey and Maizey). I know I have said it before but I just want to give my Missy everything I can, show her as much of the big old world that I can, teach her things and create fun memories. She doesn't care about pumpkins, but one day she is going to be asking to do these fun things, like take a million pictures of her sitting next to some pumpkins!
Its also great to see us mamas all rally together and go on adventures. Its solidifies our friendships and shows us that we have eachothers backs. Like when we waited in the painfully slow lineup to buy our over-priced but extremely delicious Mennonite sausage, only to realize when I finally got to the front that I had left my wallet in the car. Paola had my back. I would not have waited again and I really wanted the sausage! So thanks P!

I love my friends! There are many days I would have gone bat-shit crazy with out them! Thanks friends, for being there and letting me know that atleast I am not the only crazy one!

(seriously, could she look any less impressed?!)

It was a down-right HOT day, so her adorable fall sweater dress was a bit much. Or maybe it was the tights. OR the boots. Hard to say. Either way, by the time I took my 200 pictures, she was a sweat ball and a little pissy.

Since Maizey is afraid of animals, she was not keen on getting in the pen with the baby goats, and since I am not a lover of animals that get hair on you and/or lick, I didn't push.

We tried for the group shot, but it just wasn't happening this time. That's ok. What are you gonna do?

(you're obviously going to cheer for the good times anyways!)

Despite the sour look on Maizeys face in every photo, she really did have fun! Short of standing on my head or jumping around like a monkey oh-oh-ah-ahing, I can't get her to smile for the camera or even really look at me for more than one second. She's a total picture spoiler these days.

We ate fresh from the oven focaccia buns and home made pumpkin pie by the slice! We sat on the deck and enjoyed the abnormally warm fall day! We laughed and talked and held each others kids. This pumpkin patch thing is going to be a tradition in our house! I want my Missy to love the fall as much as I do!

Hence why I would have a fall wedding! I know you won't be reading this, but Happy 3rd Anniversary (two days ago) Brian! I love you!

And Happy Birthday (yesterday) to you, my favorite Mom! I love you too!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your turkey! I know I will be!!


  1. Always Great!! Happy Thanksgiving to the McGiven family.

  2. LOVE the pics! I'm very jealous.. no such luck for a beautiful sea of orange pumpkins around these parts..

  3. Awesome pictures! Maybe Maizey just needs her Mamma to be beside her and then she'll smile cause she looks pretty content in the one with you in it!

  4. I'm so happy for you that you have such awesome Mom friends. I have missed you this last week and am glad you found something to do while I was away :)