Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Birthday

I celebrated my 27th birthday on Sunday! I spent the morning with My bestie Ang, our friend Jade and my fabulous Mom at the Womens Show. Its for a great cause (the Womens Shelter), the food is always fabulous and we got to swoon over beautiful jewelery, bid on massages and facials, or if you are me, bid on a load of 'fertilizer' from the Horse Club... and enter draws for fabulous prizes!
This was not before I drove out to Brian's parents to say good morning to my Missy. I did survive my night alone but the first thing I did when I woke up was call, and a short hour later I was heading out to say hi. She was stoked to see me, which of course made me feel fantastic!
My mom stayed and spent the day with us. It was only a week since she has seen us, but in that week Maizey has gone from able to walk but not really digging it, to walker extraordinaire... and it's so fun to watch! She looks a little Frankenstein-ish, which just makes it more adorable. Anyhow, we love having Grannie visit! Thanks Mom for coming! I love you!
We celebrated that night with a little Mexican fiesta at Brian's parents. Tacos and Margaritas!

Maizey loved the tacos! I loved the margaritas!
It was all so much fun! I was feeling a whole lotta love (thanks to facebook) all day! Thanks everyone for making my birthday such a great day!
I decided to make a list of 27 things I am loving and thankful for this year!

1) Being Maizeys mama
2) Red Wine
3) Working in my garden while Maizey plays (and falls out of the wagon and feeds herself dirt with my shovel) beside me
4)Coffee... good coffee... at any time of the day
5) Maizeys cute little naked butt
6) These little feet

7) Drinking wine with my Ang
8) Swimming lessons with Maizey
9) Pumpkin scented candles
10) Breakfast in the living room
11) Brian - everything about him
12) Pulling my down vest out of the closet for fall
13) The upcoming vacation we are taking! And the reason we are taking the vacations! wooooo!
14) My little blog
15) Skype, and everyone I get to talk to on it!
16) All my girlfriends
17) New shoes... *big sigh* I can't wait to get  new ones!!!
18) My birthday present from Brian and Maizey
19) Reading stories
20) Walking with the wagon
21) My morning work outs with my running friend Stacey
22) Taking pictures
23) Baking
24)The sky

25) Afternoon trips to the park
26) My cozy little un-finished house in all its messiness and glory
27) Being a part of this beautiful little family

Happy 27th year to me!
Already loving it!

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  1. I love your list. What a great birthday idea. I also love that I made the list twice :) That's right, I counted #16 and 21.
    I too love your house and I must admit, now that it's all said and not done, I'm kinda happy you're not leaving it for a dream house in the Big Eddy. You can feel the love in your house and I love visiting you there.