Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Name

After professing my undying love for the color brown... I go and get bitch slapped. Every time Maizey wears the little brown hoody that I thought (and still think) is the cutest little sweater you ever did see... she gets called a boy.

 A freaking boy. The most girly of all little girls *in my opinion* gets called 'little fella' 'buddy' 'handsome little guy' ... I was even stopped at the farmers market and asked "how did you get so lucky to get such a handsome fella?" I asked who he was talking to? ME? or MAIZEY??? I won't be buying any pottery from that guy, that's for sure.
BUT... it gets worse... its started to happen more frequently. No matter what color she's wearing, pink or not. I always correct the people... we went to get one year shots and the nurse repeatedly referred to her as him, his and he and she JUST booked the appointment that morning and it was her at the desk when we walked in and I said we are here for MAIZEYS shots. She forget in two seconds???  I corrected her a few times and Brian did too. She didn't even say sorry. What the eff? 

 This is not the look of a lady boy... I mean seriously - how much more girly can you get with a coat like that?! Gahhh... boys have it so much easier!

ANYWAYS.... I am in love with fall. Its crisp days with the sun shining and the fresh air.

 We have been going for nightly wagon rides around the neighbourhood

She fakes interest in our rock skipping abilities and would much rather just stay in her wagon. Ohh boy does she love that thing. Greatest present ever.

We went to the flats with Corbin and Ang and their dogs - Maizey is such a pain in Corbins ass.
she just tried to steal his truck and he scolded her appropriately.

then she crawled over to him, said up up up then proceeded to climb on his lap. He sat there unsure of what to do.

We do love being outside playing. Maizey got nice and dirty, she ate some sand, she played/annoyed her friend. She was worn out when we got home. Love love love those days.

Happy Weekend friends.


  1. i really think that some people just ASSume that all babies are boys. I was in line at the post office with both girls last week, Ali in her carseat uptop and Lo in the cart. Ali was wearing an open brown hoodie with a pink shirt, pink and purple pants and pink shoes!!! and this lady asked how old my little boy was?!?!?!?

    I said "she's almost 8 months...i know it can be hard to tell boy or girl unless they're dressed girly, see the pink?"

    she replied "oh, she looks like a boy"

    WTF!!! I just told you she was a girl, and you're arguing with me??? ughhh people

  2. We got Soph's ears pierced, it was happening to us. I think the assumption is all that are born are boys. It's the oddest thing. Don't you worry, you're little Maizey is far from what they think.. Such a little cutie!

  3. I can't believe how old Maizey looks in that first picture on the step. WOW!