Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Crazy Week At This House

I am involved in a love hate relationship with busy. Busy days, weeks, agendas... busy anything. I like being busy for the simple reason that I seem to be able to get it all done when I feel busy, I work more efficiently if you will. I also like NON busy time because its so much more funnnn... relaxing, not stressful, etc.
Since I was in Kelowna for the stagette of the year, I have not slowed down. A few hours here, a few hours there, but mostly it has been non-stop. Birthday party business, appointments, returning phone calls and emails and waiting for phone calls and emails constantly, coffee dates, girls night in, inspections ( more to come on that soon), siding, yard work (which for the record very little ended up getting done) and gardening, all while trying to maintain a balance with Maizey and reading and playing and walking and working out and cooking and cleaning (which for the record also very little got done). Add to that a sudden surge of creativity that led to a whole living room re-arrangement just so we could hang our new photos from Jessica. Like we had time for that. Its been crazy. Oh-so-wonderful on one hand and oh-so-freaking-tired on the other. There were some 9:00 bed times in there. Don't judge me.
Our week in just a few photos...
Brian's cousin Dave's wife Heather came over for a visit with their son Ari and there sweet new baby girl Seyja! It was fun! Plus Maizey slept most of the visit so I just got to love on little Seyja all I wanted!

Playing with Corbin. They are so funny together!
We managed to get a ton of work done while Maizey napped for two hours (and yes, that is normal for her! SO GREAT!) But when she got up - it was time for me to call it quits - yayyy! So we sat on the ground and watched Daddy working! heehee

After eating a very juicy and delicious watermelon we filled up the pool so Maizey could play and get clean at the same time! This is how hard core she is - she is FREEZING - note the blueish lips - but still playing the 'show me where your tummy is' game!! FYI: Hypothermia is a real thing. Just saying.

 So in an attempt to prevent the hypothermia Brian cuddled her in a warm towel. Ahhh so much love for them!

Annnndddd... my new favorite of the two of us! I asked Brian to take a picture of us... but before he had the chance (or so I thought) we got distracted... this is what came of that!! Love it!

Most Sundays we go to Brian's parents house for dinner! The whole fam. There can be anywhere from five of us to 10 or 12.  Its sometimes quiet, sometimes crazy and always delicious! After dinner is when it gets the craziest, when bed time is so close we can taste it! So tonight after dinner rather than helping clean up, I chose to help by getting the kids out of the house and out of the way! We checked out the chickens and turkeys. The kids are hilarious around them! They are so brave until the chickens come over to them, then they are scared little wimps! Maizey included.

We also spent some time out at Paola and Marks lake property, but those pictures are on Paolas camera, so for another day!
This week is shaping up to be equally as busy. I will do my best to maintain the balance. The finding time to play in the grass on these beautiful fall days (ack... its SO early this year!) and read a few chapters in my book but still stay on top of all that needs to be maintained - housework included. Who am I kidding... if you stop by and the house is a mess... well, that's just the way it goes.
Happy week friends.


  1. Life as we know it hey :)

  2. Looks like a fun week! I love the new layout of your blog too!