Friday, September 10, 2010

When Mom Gets Out Smarted

Timing is always different in our house. Brian doesn't have a set schedule so he may go to work in the middle of the night, or really early in the morning, or right when we should be going to bed, or any other random time of the day - and its usually at the exact moment that we would like to do something. Its the nature of his job - its just the way it is. We long ago gave up on trying to make plans or schedule anything set in stone... it just never works that way. This means that I can never plan for him being home at any given time of the day, like say, whatever time of the day I want to shower. That time is always different around here too... it depends on whether I have somewhere to be, or if I am going to work out early or late or if I am being lazy and don't feel like having one right away. This means that I rarely ever get to shower in peace. There is usually a little baby girl in the bathroom with me, be it in the shower, or sitting in her high chair having a snack, or my personal favorite, in the empty bath tub playing with her toys and laughing at herself in the mirror on the door of the shower. I happen to feel that the bath tub idea is genius - she cant climb out, shes safe, she can move around and play with her toys and still see me. It works for both of us. We use this tactic when I am trying to get ready to go out and when I am running up and down the stairs and she wants to follow me (we don't have a baby gate, she can handle the stairs fine, but she still needs supervision on them) and many other times through out the day. Its practically her favorite place to be. Today she broke all the rules in the tub. I am thinking this may no longer be an option. EFF. Today she learned how to turn on the water by herself. While I was in the shower and she was in the tub fully dressed *shoes and all* of course. Not only was it the water, it was the HOT water at that. Luckily I noticed it was on and got it shut off before the hot water actually got to the top. She wound up soaking wet, the bathroom floor covered in water from when I came lunging out of the shower and the water sprayed everywhere out of the open door. I had to think fast - she cant be left to roam the bathroom as she heads straight for the toilet and wants to put her mouth all over it (I am open to suggestions on how to teach her that that's GROSS....), I couldn't leave her in the tub and have her turning the hot water on... so I had to strip her down and bring her in the shower, which left me standing there dripping everywhere, causing even more wetness all over the floor. Gahhhhh. She thought it was hilarious. Plus, she loves sitting on the shower floor playing so she was stoked to be in there. I, on the other hand, should have taken Stacey up on her offer to watch Maizey after we worked out so I could shower BY MYSELF!!!!
In other, unrelated news Maizey stood up today. As in she was sitting on the floor, and she pushed herself onto her feet then just... stood up. Then looked at Stacey and I, smiled, and sat down. Ahhhh, two weeks ago she was totally un-interested in walking, now she is standing up, letting go of the table and walking holding only one of my hands. Its not going to be long!

Also I forget to write about Maizeys one year check up.

Her stats were: oh crap - I just went to get the paper I wrote it down on and I cant find it. Oops.
All I remember is her weight was 17lbs 15oz's - she is getting quite the belly on her! 

 We love our doctor!

Maizey is now gaining weight like a champ so we are cutting back to 3 months between visits rather than every month like we have been doing since January. We are going to miss our little visits every month.


  1. I like the stats you have (ha! so something I would do...lose the info). Really, all you need to do is look at that sweet, healthy bean on that scale to know she is thriving!

  2. I love these photographs! I never thought to take pictures of Arwynn at the doctor; it's so great that you have a visual record of your trip.

    Also, I feel like your blog does not fully express how excited I was to see Maizey stand up. I feel so honoured to have been there. What an amazing workout!!!