Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garlicky Goodness

I love the garlic festival. I have only been one other time, years ago, but I was in heaven even back then. Sunday Maizey and I headed to beautiful New Denver for good garlic, delicious food and market shopping. It was pouring rain but when you live here, you have to eventually stop caring. So we went and it was a great mama-missy day.

(our view on the ferry)

(I am not the best self portrait taker, but I like it when it the timing is off - it's so much more 'us' that way!)

We stopped for lunch in Nakusp  at a cute little cafe. Maizey called Brian to let him know we were fine!

There is just something so calming about being in the Kootenays. I love it and vow to get there more times this year. The mountains are beautiful and everything just seems so relaxing. Plus, with all the hippies and earth-friendly people, there is nothing but delicious healthy food everywhere you go

We did some shopping - for garlic related things of course, listened to the music and watched the shows

 Maizey rode in the backpack and laughed, talked and tickled my head the whole time *which really means she was pulling my hair (accidentally) while saying 'tick tick tick'* - she had a great time.

I love knowing that I am brave (if that is even the right word) to take my daughter on adventures, alone. With no Brian or friends or grandparents. Just her and I. I always admired people who did that (i.e my own mom - who bravely took all five of us *i should say six because my one brother really was enough work to count for two* on trips alone. She BRAVELY took us camping alone every. single. summer.) So I am happy to see that I am good to go in that department. I am already planning our next trip. If Brian can come, that's obviously awesome, but if he can't, I know we will be good to go on our own. We had fun. These are the times I want Missy to remember.


  1. Your brave Momma wasn't exactly alone while but there was also 16 kids... haha... ahhh goodtimes....

  2. No, you are right... on those camping trips she had three other brave mommas to help eachother with the 16 kids... that sounds a little crazy to me now!! haha!
    but there were countless other camping trips (and other trips alike) where it was just her and the five of us!