Friday, September 24, 2010


HOLY.... bad blogger. It feels like its been so long, I can hardly type!!
BUSY. That's what we have been.
There was, of course, the week from hell with the new-but-now-gone-house, then there was the weekend of two weddings, which YAY, means dressing up! Wooo!
We took Maizey to the ceremony, but then.... Babysitter time... 

It was the first time we had to get a babysitter other than grandparents. Holy shiza scary, right? Wrong. How awesome is that! This 14 year old is practically a professional at it and did not even waver a little at me saying that Maizey is strong willed, when she's told NO, she quickly does whatever she is not supposed to be doing five more times before I get there.  But not to worry - she doesn't hold grudges or throw tantrums, yet. Seriously, this 14 year old babysitter sent from heaven was all , it's no big deal, I'm sure I've handled worse. So we left. Turns out she's not practically a professional, she IS a professional. I am sure she makes more money than Brian. So, it was easy to party all night knowing Maizey was in good hands. For the record I only called once. Ok, twice, but the second time was tell her we were going to be an hour late... I know, I know, I am very thoughtful. It was so much fun to be out. I partied like a rockstar, while Brian partook in a back room poker game.

woooo - the party shades... but what the deuce  am I doing with my hand... is that a peace sign or a gang-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks sign? heh. 

Sunday morning I came up with five reasons why its better to be the designated driver (which I was):

1) When your one year old wakes you up at the crack of dawn you don't feel the need to lay on the couch in a half coma while she does things she normally is not allowed to do.
2) You can laugh at your husband while he moans on the couch and asks you for Tylenol and water.
3) You can clearly remember all the stupid things you did the night before - not have to read about them or see the pictures on facebook.
4) It really is fun to drunk-people watch.
and 5) I don't think there is anything more fun than hearing people ask you how you were feeling the next day and seeing their reaction when you tell them you were feeling like a million bucks, because contrary to popular belief, yes, you really are that awesome that you can act like that and have that much fun, totally stone cold sober!!

One reason it is NOT so great to be the sober one...
By the end of the night, when the oh-so-sexy shoes are no longer comfortable, more like making you want to stab a hot knife in your eye painful, you can't wait at the door while your husband pulls the truck around for you. Booooo.
Anyways, it was fun. There was lots of laughs and lots of dancing. Which I am awesome at. Just saying.

This week, we had an incident with a vacuum salesman, which I wont get into detail over... but lets just say, we brought our hide a key in from outside, just in case.
Maizey is starting to take steps. Only when she thinks we don't want her to though. Three times she's gone from the t.v stand to the love seat and a few times from the coffee table to various pieces of furniture! If we try to get her to walk between us, she goes limp and plays dead. What the hell? She walks holding one of my hands, but when I let go mid walk, she sits down. I have tried explaining that its for her benefit, that if she just walked, she could get into way more things, like at the grocery store and pharmacy (I was trying to speak her language, I thought she would be interested, since she likes to get into everything), she dismissed me though. I am close to resigning. Let her be the five year old that doesn't walk. Whatever.
That reminds me, she also knows how to open doors and drawers now too. I found her trying to get the lid off the Benadryl today. Awesome. I just may have to put the stupid locks of the cupboards after all.
Anyways, I jut re-read what I wrote and I have said awesome like 20 times, so I think I should stop, before this awesome post, becomes not awesome. Next post will be more photos, less rambling-ness.


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