Monday, September 6, 2010

I'll Take This Kinda Day Any Day

After saying that I am so busy and barely have time to do anything, let alone spend some quality time with my little family... well then today happened. When we had ALL day to hang out and do what ever the heck we wanted. Thanks to Labor Day there were no phone calls or emails coming and no meeting or appointments. Or anything. The weather took a fierce turn towards winter today - but I refuse to turn the heat on... so in an attempt to warm up the house I decided to try my hand at making bread - which would require the oven to be on for a realllly long time, thus heating a small area of the kitchen for us to huddle in and be warm. The bread was obviously just a bonus. I am sure there was sound logic in there somewhere. Either way, we now have some seriously delicious bread for our toast tomorrow!

But as most mothers of toddlers know - a whole day inside is just asking for punishment. Atleast it is for us. So with a whole lotta disregard for Mother Nature and her bitchiness for bringing winter SO early this year, and giving me only one stinking week of my favorite season, we braved the cold and went to Skunk Cabbage to walk the board walk. I am not going to lie - it was effing cold. I think Brian was thinking of disregarding ME when I first told him we were going (I didn't ask - I know what the answer would have been), but he sucked it up and loaded the backpack in the truck. It ended up being so much fun.

We saw pretty flowers covered in rain drops and a whole slew of weeds that look beautiful and exotic along the boardwalk. I only know they are weeds because they grow in my garden and let me tell you, they don't look beautiful or exotic, they look annoying and pain-in-the-ass-ish.

We were the only ones that braved the pouring rain and cold and there was something very tranquil and refreshing about being there. We left feeling fresh and very alive. And cold.
Which is why Maizey felt the need to take her socks and shoes off in the car. So she could blow on them to warm them up.
(you know... like when you cup your hands and breathe into them to try to warm them up when you forgot your mitts and its minus freaking 20) 

Or maybe she did it because she felt the need to try to bite her toe nail off.
(the second toe nail)

Or maybe she just thinks she has cute feet (which she does of course) and wanted to look at them lovingly
(please mama, paint my toenails pretty like yours)

(She is going to kill me one day for posting these pictures!!!) 

She sure is special.

 p.s what a great day. So fun. I am feeling much more prepared for the chaotic week now. Thank you Mother Nature. I owe you one. I will give it back to you in the form of a perfect fall day please. 


  1. Amy, I loved reading your blog, what a great way to end my pain in the ass day of cleaning up the rodeo and putting everything away till next year,
    the nature pictures and of course the little princess pictures were awesome, keep up the great work, see you and have great toast in the morning with really good coffee....

  2. Pure entertainment!!