Friday, July 30, 2010

A Moment In Time

We debated having new born photos done of Maizey. We tossed it back and forth so many times that by the time we actually agreed, she was well past the 'newborn' stage. Plus the only professional photographer we knew of in town is wayyyyy out of our price range. We knew we would be heading to the Island where my little Sheila could do some photos for us, so we just waited for that. We did have her do some when we were there, and they turned out great but Maizey wasn't very co-operative for the shoot, so we didn't get some of the shots we really wanted.
A few months ago I saw a little poster in the window of a store downtown.
It said 'Mini-Shoot - 20 minutes 8 photos to choose from free 8x10 $40'
I emailed the person and we discussed the mini-shoot.
Through our emails, we decided we would splurge and go for the full shoot for not much more than $40.
Jessica was so great to deal with and when we met her in person we thought she was fantastic! Super easy going and we were really comfortable around her. She did two sessions because of Brians schedule. First day was mostly pictures of Maizey and the second was all about the Fam! We went to Brians parents and used places like the old barn and the greenhouse for the setting! We went this week to check out the photos and we totally love them!!! Jessica is fantastic and she gladly sent me some photos to share on here!

Thanks Jessica for capturing the love of our family! We cant wait for future sessions with you! We also cant wait to get our order! Look out walls of this house - its time for a makeover!!
(you can check out Jessica at

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  1. Those are fantastic!!! You guys are such a cute little family!