Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Day After

Now comes the inevitable crash. The let down after all the excitement is over. The anticipation of waiting for them to get here, the fun-filled days of pools, parks, playing, eating, laughing, parenting, napping, cooking and cleaning. The content feeling of having my sister in law and my nieces in my home and being comfortable. Comfortable enough to cook what they wanted, get what the needed, nap when they felt like it and not feeling as though they have to ask to do anything. That's my favorite part. Knowing that they feel at home in my home makes me sigh a very happy sigh. In my dream home (or maybe life) I have a little guest house in the back, with a big soaker tub, a wood stove and big comfy bed with down comforters and flannel sheets where guests can come and have a mini-mountain-vacation - except that excited little me will be knocking on the door at the crack of dawn with fresh-baked muffins and a piping hot pot of french press coffee.Today the crash was big. I could barely get myself off the couch this afternoon. It was 4 days of loving on Jaya and Elynn, breaking up fights over tupperware lids, trips to the wading pool, the park and the library, walks downtown for coffees late in the afternoon, a few timeouts (some Jaya, some me for saying the wrong things in front of an almost two year old that repeats everything she hears), lots of singing, laughing, talking and some tears too. My house is a mess, the dishes aren't done, the laundry sits in the washing machine patiently waiting to be put in the dryer, the suit case isn't unpacked, but I just... can't. I hate when things end. BUT - My heart is happy for all the great times and the memories we made. I will forget about being sad for a second to remember that. We soaked up as much of the Hickey Family as we could - Maizey was so excited when they got here - she followed Jaya around trying to copy her every move. She was a little over-whelmed by it all from time to time but for the most part I think she loved having her cousins around. Every chance she got she was touching Elynn and taking her toys away, which Jaya would promptly take from Maizey to give back, unless it was something she wanted, then she would keep it for herself. It was a cycle of give and take. There's an obvious pecking order, Jaya will always be the boss. Shes a born leader that girl. We went to visit Grannie for the weekend. So much craziness ensued. It was happy, emotional and incredibly sad all at once. Rim got a call from my brother that said her horse was sick. Mere hours later she was told he had to be put down. So out of the blue and very shocking. We all shed a few tears for him and for her. I don't wish that on anyone, having to do that and not being there to say good bye. We did have a good morning at the splash park, the kids LOVED it, and I think we (my brother, mom, Rim and I) loved it too - it was a nice way to stay cool and watching the littlies in pure heaven over playing with the water going down the drain... well that's just magic, as well as entertaining. Nice walk along the lake and coffees at a wonderful lake side cafe. There was a hot coffee spillage incident, luckily no one was seriously hurt - although with my gasping and reaction, I think Maizey is going to be a little nervous around bistro tables on patios, even though she wasn't even involved. Heh. I cant be in control all the time.
There. Just writing about it makes me happy again. Just thinking about next years visit makes me smile. Knowing that we will see them in a few weeks makes me excited!
This is my favorite picture (so far) of the whole week
 rim did the editing and added the text and i LOVE it! check out for more pics and her awesome blog!  
More pictures will have to come tomorrow. Don't worry Grannie - there will be lot
So on that happy note, its time to hit the sheets. I am one exhausted mama in desperate need of some sleep. Love you Rim, Jaya and Elynn. Thanks for such a great visit, we love having and cant wait for you to come again!

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  1. Amy! That blog entry made me cry! We love you guys too! We had a wonderful time and your house is a very comfy place to stay! Thank you for all of your hard work and time. We appreciate it tons...
    Please tell Maizey we love her and can't wait for the day she can have sleep overs at the Hickeys! I am completely envious of your ability to write so beautifully! It's amazing and I am jealous :-) Thank you again and we really hope you guys can make it here this August! Love you Amy and Maizey!