Friday, July 2, 2010

Amy:1 Rainy Crappy Day:0

What started out as a very exciting day with big plans and lots of excitement, by 2:00 had changed to a 'this day sucks and I am going to crawl into bed and feel sorry for myself while I try and get warm' kind of a day. We were up early this morning, ignoring the clouds and possible rainy forecasts, packing a picnic and our beach clothes and toys and snack for Missy. We were cleaning out the truck, and going for a quick coffee with Nana and paying property taxes (booo). We were excited to be going to spend the day with Cartwright and Cary in Salmon Arm at the beach. But one thing after another fell through and before I knew it, plans were canceled and we were left with a huge picnic and no where to eat it. It started with the wind blowing and the gray sky. Not much for beach weather really. Then Maizey opted for an all day nap rather than a morning nap (4 HOURS people. That's just ridiculous, and of course, only happens when we have plans) Then it got to be just too late to meet them before they had to meet up with other friends. So, I curled up in bed and whined about the crappy-ness of this day. Precisely 5 minutes after I started whining, Brian told me to quit being a baby and make a new plan. The NERVE. So I kicked him out of MY room and whined to myself for 10 more minutes. The I got up, wiped the whiny look off my face and made a new plan.
When Maizey woke up, we took half the picnic (which turned out to be un-necessary), loaded up the truck and headed to the Hot Springs. It turned into an awesomely fun afternoon just the three of us in a giant bath tub!

Maizey loved the hot pool. She splashed, kicked, got dunked (and didn't even cry. We did it three times!!), blew bubbles, drank some pool water and just played and played.

Like Mother Like Daughter

We were having such a good time, but these little wrinkled feet told us it was probably time to go.

So, next time I wont even bother with the pouting... I will just find the happiness and fun in the day anyways.

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