Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Rimini Hit Me With A Bat

Ok - She didn't really hit me with a bat... I got bit by something at the park and by last night this is what it looked like. It does look better now, but it hasn't gone away.
Is it called domestic violence when it inflicted by your sister in law?
Which reminds me - Rim and Jaya and Elynn are here visiting for the week and we are having tons of fun. Jaya is the boss. Elynn is pretty much just buying time until she can participate. Maizey is a little over whelmed by it all, but shes taking it in stride. She manages to steal a toy or two herself. At the end of both days every ones been exhausted and in bed early and without a fight. Its fantastic!
More on the epic adventure that is called cousinly love tomorrow...

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  1. Holy Moley! That is one big bump! Hope you guys have a good week together!