Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amy vs Satan

I am well aware of what happens when a child misses a nap or a meal is a little late in coming. I am well aware of the fact that Chapter One in 'How To Be A Good Parent' is titled "Don't Skip Nap Time Because You Will Want To Gouge Your Eyeballs Out With A Dull Axe". I am well aware of the fact that children like routines, and it is hard for them to stray from that routine, and when they act out, it shouldn't be held against them because it is difficult for them when routines are mixed up. With that being said, today I threw caution (and that stupid fake book that I don't read anyways) to the wind and spur of the moment packed up our stuff and headed out of town with Stacey. ADVENTURE TIME!! yayyy! We stopped at an antique shop and perused for awhile. We held an impromptu photo shoot outside the antique shop.

We went out for a delicious lunch.
We did a little shopping.
We went to Starbucks.
It was so refreshing to get out of town. We traded a dreary cold morning for a sun-shiny afternoon (which we were way over dressed for...). I went not caring about the fact that I left a huge goldfish mess on my kitchen floor (the crackers, not the real deal). Or that I have eleventy thousand loads of laundry to wash and fold. Nope, I was much happier to just GO - plus when there is a chance for Starbucks, I NEVER say no. That's rule #1 in my book. Maizey was a rockstar. She played, she talked, she danced, she cried a little when she couldn't get her shoes off, but with a little help from a friend she managed to get them off to play with. She clapped and laughed and said Yes a trillion times. It was a just one big smiling-because-we-are-awesome-and-are-having-so-much-fun-right-now kind of day.
Then we came home. With a little help from another friend of Maizeys, a little someone known as SATAN - the day of very little napping and non-routine meal times, came crashing down around us... actually just me. It came crashing down around ME. I tried feeding her dinner - she took this opportunity to half chew her food, take it out of her mouth and throw it. So I traded her dinner for a bowl of baby cereal (which she rarely ever eats anymore) thinking she wouldn't be able to throw that. Turns out she can. She can also blow raspberries when she has a mouth full. This results in slobbery grossness all over her face and shirt and makes me want to throw up. When I was out of ideas, I tried to change her into her p.j's in an attempt to put her to bed. She was so riled up, I couldn't even get a diaper on her. I calmly opted to set her on the floor naked, rather than fight with her. She could not have been happier. I swear I saw her nod to Satan, telling him it was ok to leave now, she finally got what she wanted - to be let free. So I let her be free. We played until I could manage to sneak a diaper on her, then I took her outside to play while I bbq-ed dinner. She crawled around, ate grass, tried to eat some gravel... she needed to blow off some steam. I was just happy I figured it out! By the time 9:00 rolled around, she needed to go to bed, so I followed our typical bed time routine. She was having none of that. I let her cry for a long time, but she got the best of me tonight. I FINALLY picked her up and played for 5 more minutes with her. She practiced her humming while I attempted to cuddle her to sleep. She pointed at everything she could see and said Yes with a nod of her head. Eventually she snuggled into the perfect little Maizey sized crook in my arm and closed her eyes. I guess she needed that 5 more minutes. Its been so long since I got to rock her to sleep that I just relished in it. I reminded myself that these moments are getting to be so few and far between so I need to breathe all of it in, to soak it all up, to try not to ever forget the feeling of putting my baby girl to sleep just by a little cuddle and that its ok to do that. I forget how much I love having her sleep in my arms, where I can feel the tiny rise and fall of her chest and hear her soft little sleepy hum. The way she balls up her little hands and squishes them under her chin like a little pillow. I love feeling her completely surrender to sleep and feel her get heavy in my arms. I love setting her down in her crib and watching her curl up onto her side as though she is in my arms still. I pull the blankets up and she grabs on and pulls in under her chin too, just like I do. I whisper to her how much I love her and how lucky I am to be her mama and I say good night.
Today I did pretty much everything that stupid fake book that I don't read anyways says not to do. At the end of the day I got to sit down with a smile on my face and one in my heart. It looks like doing the opposite the book says, got us a fun-filled day with great memories! I will take that any day.

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