Friday, July 9, 2010

These Are The Days Of Our Life

Yikes! I feel like there are so many things I have wanted to put on here - but because I am either way to busy (doing nothing) or just too lazy, I just... well, haven't. So I am going to make an attempt to catch up on everything I wanted to put on here with out it becoming boringly long... here goes -

Vital Statistics:
Maizey now weighs 16lbs 4oz's. Still not growing in leaps and bounds but at least she is on the charts now (fifth percentile - no big deal.)We are still seeing our doctor every month just to be sure she stays on the healthy curve.
In saying that - my little Missy eats like a horse. She should weigh a hell of a lot more than that.
Her palette has become very  refined, she enjoys such things as pesto chicken pasta, smoked trout, grilled and seasoned zucchini and yams, shrimp and crab pasta salad, steak and pretty much anything else you put in front of her. She plays no favorites. She did turn her nose up at whip cream and huckleberry's once, but has since changed her mind. We are yet to give her anything other than water, so we'll see how she does with juice when the time comes (Brians parents did try orange juice awhile ago, but she would have nothing to do with it).
Sleeping patterns are still erratic at best... we go from sleeping through the night to a night of five times and not in the way Ross intended that to be interpreted. I never know how its going to go. We'll get there. Hopefully before these bags under my eyes get bigger and *more* noticeable.
Her vocabulary and actions have become extensive (I am still trying to get a video but she prefers not be treated like a dog, expected to do tricks on command, so I need to make it a sneak attack)
To date, she says and does:
Shakes head no at appropriate times
Whats This
Mom (very rarely)
Dad ( all the effin time)
Plays Patty Cake
Plays Peek-a-Boo with herself in the mirror
Blows kisses (without the hand gesture)
Blows raspberries
 That's all I can remember right now...

She taught herself to climb the stairs (when I wasn't paying attention and on Andreas parents camper steps!!!)
She still does the scoot, but we are working on making it a regular crawl all the time - we are worried that her right foot is externally rotated. We are keeping a close eye on it.
We find her sitting in her favorite place - the front entryway, playing with her favorite toys - our dirty shoes. When we ask her what shes doing, she turns and scoots quickly to the door, where she promptly climbs to her knees and starts banging on the door. Read: someone help me get these shoes on and out of this place. Whatever Maizey. It could get a lot worse than this. Heh. But seriously, she finds rogue socks all over the house and tries to put them on, same with shoes.

As for the rest of us (Brian and I) -
We are putting new siding on our house...its been a long, slow process but its getting there. We are currently waiting on a quote for the new front porch as well. We know nothing more about the house we want to buy, other than they are not accepting any offers with a subject to sale (of our home), so we need to sell before anything can happen. We had someone come look last week - when we know what they are doing, then we will decide if we are going to list it. Tough decisions to come - in the mean time, we will keep puttering away at the things we want to get done, and see what happens.
We have had a bit of company in the last few weeks - one of my besties from high school, Cartwright and her fiance Cary stopped in last weekend for a great, but wayyyyy to short of visit (come for a week next time pleeaasseee!!!!!) and my aunt Kathy came last night. We had such a great time and such a great visit. Come again anytime Kath! Let this be heard by all of you - stop for a visit! Anytime. We are *usually* around and love company. We have a place for you to sleep and there's always coffee and beer. I am not kidding. We are a perfect halfway mark between Calgary and anywhere... and Vancouver and everywhere else. You are invited!
Brian is working like crazy so that's good - a far cry from this time last year, so we'll take it. We know how tough it is when he isn't working (he was laid off from March 10th until July1st last year, to say it was tough is actually an understatement), so when he is working - we don't complain about long days away - it can come to an end way to quickly.
I have been managing to get some 'me time' in... which is always great! Some time alone and some time with great friends, with out my littley around swallowing up all my attention. Its always muchly appreciated (and needed and deserved!!!).

I know there were way more things I wanted to write about but now I cant remember what they were, so I will end this with the things we are loving right now:

1) Playing at the pool with our friends
at charlees house at the pool!

(miss charlee needed a little nap at the pool. she is such a sweet baby. we cant wait until she can play!)

maizey and bailey in corbins pool while he napped!

2) Visiting Our Favorite Little Doherty Family!
(what can I say, this picture was not easy to get!)

3) Playing in the sand

4) How Maizey has started to sleep. If I slept like that I wouldn't walk for a week after.

And 5) These FABULOUS bonnets that I ordered and am *patiently* waiting for... They are SO fun!

OK, thanks for listening. And please, leave me a comment telling me what you are loving these days!


  1. Aww Amers! Cute pics! Love to have stayed overnight on our way through- should have (except for that work on Monday part- psstfth work-shmerk ;) but it almost would have been quicker than the 7hr drive home it ended up being that night! Blech! Great to see you guys and Maizey is getting so big. I vote impromptu visit for Stampede?!?! Promise I'll share my mini-donuts if u come... :) xoxo

  2. Holy Cartwright, thats crazy. Next time you will have to stay - I am envisioning treats and how to lose a guy in ten days and gossip and more treats! For sure next time... miss you!!

  3. I love the angle of your Maizey in the sand picture! You should print and frame that one.

    As for your request of things that are making me happy lately, the answer is having the freedom to do what I want, like workout and hangout with you! You bring happiness to my life :)