Thursday, August 12, 2010

Start 'Em Young

Once again I am amazed by my little Missy. She just goes and busts out all the moves like she has been doing it forever... with out any notice. Big day around here.
It started with her belly button. She found it today. As far as I can remember neither Brian or I have really paid much attention to it - we don't point it out to her or anything. So it was a little surprising this morning when she was sitting on my lap and she lifted up her shirt and stuck her finger in it. Starting playing with it, even though she cant see it when she looks (her cute little *big* belly gets in her way). She can still get her finger in there every time. And she gets a huge grin on her face when she plays with it!
Next it was her teeth. She woke up from her too short of nap crying and chewing on her fingers. I tried cuddling her, but I was pretty sure she was having a teething issue. I said to her 'let me look at your teeth'... she stopped crying, broke out in a big, teeth showing grin and pointed to them. As if she was saying 'they're right here Mom' and after that, every time I asked her where her teeth are - she pointed to them. Then giggled. I tried to get it on video, but she still refuses to perform for the camera.
Last it was the coffee. My coffee to be exact. My coffee from 8:00 this morning that was on the coffee table, hours old and cold. I was sitting at the computer when I heard an 'ahhhh' sound behind me. I turned around to see her standing at the coffee table with my coffee cup in hand... drinking from it... and loving it!!!! I said 'MISSY' and quickly went to her... but before I could get there she quickly took another big slurp of it and exclaimed 'ahhhh' after. I ran into a slight moral dilemma at this point... take it away - because she reallllllly shouldn't be drinking coffee for the love of god... or run and get my camera because that is freaking priceless... I went with the *right* thing to do (for probably the first time EVER) and took it away. I am thinking of trying to re-enact the scene with an empty cup so I can get a picture!! The funniest part is that she she was totally holding the cup perfectly - by the handle with one hand with the other hand cupping it on the other side - like we all do when we are really enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning. Oh, and she didn't even spill any. She is already a professional at it. I am going to have to keep my eye on this!!

So today we loved her crazy learning and skillful sneaky ways. My Missy just cracks me up every single day!

Also... today is my OLDEST brothers birthday. He turns 30. My dad taught Jaya (who is Travis' oldest daughter) when asked how old her dad is to say 'he is really old'. Today I was thinking back to when I was a twenty year old college student... and I would talk to Travis about 'stuff' - he seemed like he knew it all... he was so much older and wiser than me... he had it all figured out. I would think to myself 'when I get to be that age, I hope I have it all together too' ... he was twenty -bloody-three years old at that time. Wow. I guess I had a lot to learn. None the less - Happy Birthday Travis!

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  1. Thank goodness I finally got around to catching up on your blog, my heart would have been sad to never of heard that priceless coffee drinking story. It just goes to show you how much children learn from watching their parents