Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy But Good

Our week in review:
 Delicious french toast

One shoed mornings

Face down nap time because we are so tired

A visit from my brother Riley. It has been ten months since he last saw Maizey. She was a little leary... she came around (I think) by the end.

 A little pedicure action. Thank You Self.

I canned (with the help of Brians parents) some peaches... 20lbs to be exact! I am so stoked! I am going to do tomatoes also. Its easier than I thought and actually kinda fun! Plus, its a weird sense of accomplishment seeing all those little jars filled with deliciousness just waiting for a cold winter day...

Lastly... I crazy partied with Cartwright and Hummel and their wicked fun friends for the two nights in Kelowna for Cartwrights stagette. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Its been a long time since I partied like that and anywhere near that classy. Good times ladies, good times.
More to come on almost all those things - but I am tired and slightly hungover and in desperate need of sleep so I can be up at the crack of dawn to do the last minute organizing for the big ONE YEAR OLD (I can hardly choke those words out) birthday party tomorrow. So much excitement coming....

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