Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Favorites

Some of my favorite moments these last few weeks!

An impromptu picnic at blanket creek. My first time there and I can say with confidence - we WILL be going back!

She reads. I watch. And take pictures!

I just cant get enough of her little feet! Especially since she started loving these sandals!

Tubby time.

Drinking coffee and watching a girl and her daddy talk about stuff.

What Missy wants, Missy gets. Even if it means daddy wearing a bib.

Eating breakfast in the living room while enjoying *our* show!!

No words I have right now do justice to just how happy she makes me!!

Missys first plate of dinner. She ate two helpings. turns out she loves corn on the cob.

We have so few pictures of the two of us, so every time there's a new one, it always turns into my favorite! Until the next one...

The second she gets up, she is looking for shoes (or in this case shoe) to put on. Last week our friend Alicia came over for an early coffee and when she arrived Maizey had two different shoes on... but they didn't fit over her footie jammies so we had to pull her feet out of them. She looked a little foolish, but she was happy that she had her shoes on!

Annndddd..... get ready for my all time fave!!! Let it be said that this was in NO way planned... I had no idea what was going on behind me - I was just snapping away and it wasn't until I loaded the photos onto the computer that I saw.... well.... this....
drum roll please....

 (no babies were harmed in the making of this!!!) I have no idea what she was doing!! 

Please leave me a comment telling me what some of your recent favorite anythings are!


  1. That last picture is hilarious, I love it!!!! Looks like she's going to be a yoga pro! Right now one of my favourite things is Natalie has started singing alot. Her favourite CD is Little People Farm and Animal songs, she sings along with the CD and on her own, I love it! And Cade has started saying "Me yub you" and giving me kisses out of the blue, I used to have to fight him to give me a kiss. Turned out to be a game for him. Last but not least, hunting with the family we went out last night and I didn't realize how much I missed hunting season! The time spent just the family talking looking and the excitement of seeing the wildlife. Last night we saw a cow moose, 4 deer, and a mama bear with 3 cubs. The kids get so excited now too, it's so fun to be able to show them the wildlife where we live.

  2. Awww I want to hear Natalie singing!! And hear Cade saying Me Yub You! I love the things you are loving too!

  3. My favourite recent thing was spending so much time with Alex and it was super good quality time. Love is so awesome! I continue to be amazed by it all the time. My other favourite thing is how tall Arwynn is getting, I just can't get over how long her legs are and how beautiful she is (I know she's my own child and all parents think that about their kids but I am continually taken off guard with how wonderful and beautiful she is).

  4. Also, these are GREAT Pictures, your talent really is improving.