Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sometimes, in this house, its all about the little things.

I have given pairs of these slippers for countless baby shower gifts. I love them. They stay on, they are warm, they have cushion-y bottoms so they are comfy and they have the perfect amount of hippy-ness to them, that you look a little granolaish, but if you aren't a granola at all, you will still love them.
 For some reason when my own baby girl came along, I didn't think to get her a pair. I don't know why, because I seriously love them. Not in a weird way. Just in a, its the middle of winter and we will stay wickedly warm and still be practical all at the same time kind of way.
So this weekend, Maizey got her first pair of slippers. And guess what... She loves them just as much as me. This morning as I picked her up out of her bed, I cuddled her and whispered in her ear brrrrrr... its cold this morning, do you want to put our slippers on and cuddle 'till we get warm? She smiled her still sleepy smile and said yessss!! 
SO that's what we did! 

We all got new slippers this weekend. And we've been toasty warm because of it. 

Happy slipper wearing weather to all of you!

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  1. I am a slipper girl all the way, though Soph enjoys stealing MINE :).