Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hola... I Mean Adios. I Mean Beer.

In 2 hours I have to get up. I can't sleep.
Remember how I whined about my baby girl being gone for ONE NIGHT???
In precisely three hours from now I am leaving her, for EIGHT NIGHTS. To go to Mexico. To see one of my besties, Cartwright, get married.
Holy eff am I excited to be going... all I can think is - all inclusive baby... I don't have to pay for even ONE beer. Well it doesn't get much better than that.
But Holy eff am I freaking out too. How do people do this? I bawled like a five year old that wasn't allowed to eat candy after she brushed her teeth (which I know now makes good sense, but believe me - at 5... I thought that was bull shit) when I was putting Maizey to bed tonight. She in turn, knew something was wrong, and also freaked out. It was not the normal nightly routine, where I put her down with a big smile on my face, and skip up the stairs breathing a heavy sigh of finnaallllyyyyy. I knew I was making it worse, but I just wanted to keep snuggling her and crying. I finally had to say one more bye baby girl, I love you, and leave the room. She needed it too. After that she was fine.
I know she is in good hands. Better than good - perfect hands. She is safe, she has people who love her more than anything that will be taking care of her, she will have fun and it will be good for her too. Its just... hard.
BUT - I am off to some super hot weather, at a beautiful resort, with some of my most favorite people. So I will get over it. I can miss my Missy and still have a fantastic trip. I can laze on the beach, eat spicy Mexican food, drink beer, swim in the ocean and relax all while knowing that I am still a great mom and that I deserve to have a vacation. Maizey knows how much we love her. We know how much we love her. So we will miss each other for the next week and then we will come home and love on our baby girl like no other little girl has ever been loved on.
Until then... adios amigos!!

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  1. I'm proud of you Amy you are absolutely right! You know you love her, she knows you love her, her granparents love her! You and Brian deserve to have a good time and enjoy your trip. And you know you have something to look forward to when you get home besides your own bed! Have fun you guys!