Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friends and Hats and A Costume

Yikes! I have been a bad blogger this week.
Busy busy busy. Doing what? Oh, who knows.
We had a some Fan-freaking-tastic company for the weekend. We did A LOT of visiting. Some shopping and some trick-or-treating.
Maizey was Piglet-Turned-Ballerina because she wouldn't keep her piglet ears on. Luckily we had the handy dandy tu-tu laying around for just such a case!

Turns out Maizey isn't a big fan of going to strangers doors, yelling something weird, waiting for them to swing open the door wearing something scary (or not), being greeted by a stranger or just the whole general idea of Halloween and costumes. She looked sour and cried at almost every door. But she got quite the haul for Brian and I!!! She looked super cute in her tu-tu, and had my camera not been on the totally wrong setting, I would have countless more photos to show you. Unfortunately, I have about 30 terrible pictures. (One day, I will know how to work my camera perfectly!!!)

Trudy came for the weekend. It was SO fun to have her around for a few days. We did lots of laughing and she soaked up as much of Maizey as she could! My Mom came up for the weekend also to visit with Trudy.
There is always that great feeling that comes having someone from Home be sitting in my living room. It just feels like... home. Sighhhh. That sounds SO sappy. Whatever. I am a little sappy for some reason. It was wonderful and so as not to cheapen how great the weekend was, I will stop. Instead I will post pictures of our impromptu hat fashion show at the Revelstoke Museum!
(Grannie, looking very worldly!!)

(This is totally my favorite photo from the whole shoot! We were just totally cracking up the whole time!!!!)

Trudy spoiled all of us (Thanks again Trudy!)... Maizey hasn't left her cars (as in Dinky Cars) alone this whole week. She drives them all over us, and stores them in her backpack! I just love seeing how different Maizey is from the beginning of the visit compared to the end. At first shes all, shy, won't talk, won't play... nothing. By the end, shes all, laughing, playing, talking, giving kisses and showing her tricks. She gets to know them better and better. Soon she will always remember them! Something I am SO looking forward to. Next time, hopefully it wont be so long between our visits, right Trudy?!
Thanks again for coming and spending the weekend and loving on all of us! And thanks Mom for coming too.
We love you!


  1. It was an awesome visit! The hats were a blast and Maizey just looked at us like we were all crazy. She sat in her stroller patiently waiting for us to finish our random act of silliness. Hot wheels are always a hit with little or big kids. The only Porsche I will ever own is a red Hot Wheels (couldn't find a blue one). It is so good to visit with people who have been in your life for a long time and to visit with the loved ones in their life. Little ones are always special. Oh, now I am sappy. Love Trudy xoxoxo

  2. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! The kids had a great time trick-o-treating this year (minus the first house where Cade tripped over their step and hit his head right over his eye on the edge of their metal doorstep he was fine by the next house), next year Maizey will enjoy it as well. Hope you guys have a great time in Mexico!