Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On Potty Training - Sort Of

Disclaimer - this post is about pooping. If you don't wish to read about Maizeys pooping excitement, then don't bother reading any farther. 
Big day around here, today was.
1) It all started about a week ago - Maizey learned to say Pee. I don't think we taught her per-say... like, we didn't practice it repeatedly until she started saying it (like Chicken - which she still won't say), she just one day started saying it, over and over again. And she totally knows what it is, because when I catch her in the bathroom, she says 'pee?', as though that would make me let her stay in there or something.
Anyways, so that got me thinking, maybe I should just try sitting her on the potty. But we didn't have a potty, so I just sat her on the toilet and held onto her. She thought it was great, we sang songs, laughed, she said pee-pee a hundred times and looked between her legs. But nothing really came of it, as in, she never actually went pee-pee, she just liked to talk about it and sit there.
On Monday I got her a little potty. Tuesday morning the first thing we did when we got up was put it all together. Maizey thought the box was really fun until it was all put together, then she was all about the real thing. We tried sitting on it - I think she thought she was on a real throne, because she just grinned like a fool and giggled. We stripped her down and had a grand old time playing with it. A few more times through out the day she sat on it again. Last night at bath time she sat on it with no clothes on again, for 10 minutes at least. She didn't want to get off. I eventually got bored and stuck her in the tub - first thing she did? Pee. Awesome.
This morning after breakfast I took off her yogurt and peanut butter covered p.j's and sat her on the potty. Again, we sang, laughed and played... next thing I knew - she was totally going poop!!! She wanted off in the middle of it... I distracted her (thank god!!) until she was finished. As soon as she heard it hit the bottom, she started panicking 'uh oh uh oh uh oh' and climbed off as fast as she could. She turned to look inside and when she saw what was in there, started bawling her little eyes out saying 'uh oh uh oh uh oh' .... I cheered and clapped and told her I was proud of her!!
Did this same thing happen to anyone else?? Can someone please let me know what I can expect now for potty training??
After lunch, I tried again... stripped her down, sat her on there and wha-la - Pooped again!! Not nearly as much freaking out the second time... just a few 'uh oh's' that were only slightly frantic.
We really had no intention of "potty-training" this early... we just thought that since she seemed mildly interested we would just try to get her comfortable with the potty...
I don't really know where to go from here. Maybe try to stay casual, not make a big deal out of it, if she wants to sit on there, fine, if not thats fine too.
Its so exciting - the thought of not changing diapers anymore sounds pretty damn good. But no more diapers means shes a big girl... and the thought of that is slightly terrifying.

2) Because it hasn't really stopped snowing for almost a week, I decided I'd had enough of being couped up (why I waited so long I don't know), so we busted out Maizeys new and really really cute snowsuit, bundled up and went out to play.
Snow+ A One Year Old = Pure Enjoyment. Until her mitt fell off... then it was just the end of the freaking world.

Today was good. Life is good.
Keep your fingers crossed that I don't have to change a poopy diaper tomorrow either!!


  1. Good job Maizey! We are actively trying in this household, only a few days in, and she's starting to resent me I think. So I'm gonna go with the flow..

  2. That's exciting! I had a friend who potty trained her TWIN girls at 13 months and it took her 3 months to get them fully trained. So it is possible. If you're gonna do it you have to be very consistent and it might take a while. I felt that I started too early with Natalie (22 months) and it took her 8 months. So last year when we were still struggling with her Cade became interested and he pooped on the toilet a couple times he was about 13-15 months. I was not going to do the same thing with him by starting too early, and he lost interest soon anyways. Now we are training Cade (2 1/2) and he learned much faster, we're about a month in now. He rarely has pee accidents but he is terrified of pooping on the toilet still. I would suggest waiting just because it's less of a headache for you. Really it doesn't matter when she learns, by Kindergarten she won't be any further ahead or behind the other kids in that department. Honestly I think most moms just want to brag about how early their child was trained.