Saturday, November 20, 2010

When In Mexico

We did it. We got in the truck at 4:30 a.m, drove to Calgary, got on the plane and left our baby girl for EIGHT whole days. And you know what? We not only survived, we rocked it. We par took in the all day "free" drinking and eating, laughed with new fabulous friends, and re-connected with old friends that its been far too long since we saw.

I bet no one even noticed that there was a tiny little ache in me the whole time that desperately wanted to share every amazing and wonderful and cool and different thing there was to share, with Maizey, but it was there. There were times I barely noticed it, and then there were times, like say... the middle of dinner in a crowded restaurant of crazed all-inclusive go-ers, looking for more food, that quiet tears streamed down my face.
But we did it. I had this crazy, irrational fear that Maizey was going to forget who I was. I was worried that when we got home, she wouldn't want to come to me and would cry when we tried to bring her home. But there are no words to explain her excitement at not only seeing me, but just hearing my voice and seeing my face on the computer *ahhh the magic of the Internet and skype!!* . She literally tried to climb into the computer while saying UP UP UP!!! She couldn't understand why I just wouldn't freaking pick her up. It made me so happy to see her and hear her voice and see that she remembered me (duh OF COURSE she remembered me), but it also broke my heart just a little to see her and hear her voice and see she remembered me, but NOT be able to pick her up. Apparently Maizey also rocked the no-parents week. So much so, that when I thanked my mom and dad for coming here for the weekend, giving Brian's parents a break and taking her home for a few nights, they both said No, thank you for letting us look after her!!! I don't know who enjoyed it more, them or her?! Maizey now supposedly says Grannie, even though I am yet to hear it, and Brian's parents taught her to say Hola!!! She hasn't quite gotten it - its more an "oh oh oh", but we know what she means!! So needless to say, we are happy to be home and are finally getting our life back in order.
Our trip was amazing. We ate, drank, lounged, weddinged, ate, drank, laughed, shopped, zip-lined, and ate and drank. There were 50-ish of us there for the wedding and we had a blast. We were all there for the same reason, to watch Cartwright and Cary get married, and all the love and happiness for the two of them sure shined through.

 WOW - those two sure know how to throw a party. I missed the delicious taco bar because I was too busy cutting a rug on the dance floor. Seriously. All night. Apparently there were 24 tacos consumed by one person and I missed it all!! The wedding was unbelievable. It was like a scene out of a movie... a long dramatic entrance down about a billion precarious steps, leading to a little cliff overhanging the ocean, where pink rose petals were laid down the isle. The sun was just beginning to set, there was a warm wind blowing and everyone was beaming. And to top it all off - there were dolphins (yes, DOLPHINS!!!) jumping in the bay just below while they were reciting their vows. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Brian and I had SO much fun. Thank you Cartwright and Cary for having us on a such a fantastic trip! Seeing and being a part of your special day was truly an honor.
And thank you Cartwright for the amazing photo shoot.

 (my favorite photo from the whole week!)

The laundry is done, the house is back together, we are rested from our vacation (boooo, 8 hours in the Saskatoon airport realllly took a tole on us. As did arriving in Calgary to the first blizzard of the year and driving in it for 5 hours to get home.
We are happy to have gone and had such a blast. And we are happy to be home with our little family unit back together.


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all! I love the picture of the footprints left from walking in the sand. The wedding looks like it was beautiful!

  2. Ya, we had a great time!
    I agree - I just love footprints in the sand pics!!
    Miss you!