Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Messes

Buddy pulled a "Maizey" this morning before I got up to get him out of his bed. I should have been more suspicious of the abnormal quiet.
Then, while he was waiting for the bath to fill, he peed on the bathroom floor.
After that mess was cleaned up and the worlds fastest bath was had by my children, he pulled the brand new, giant bag of just opened Rice Krispies off the counter (omg, when did he get tall enough to reach stuff o the counter??!!), spilling them alllllllll over the kitchen floor.
Just know, my reaction scared the bejeesus out of him. But not so much that he wouldn't do it again, I'm sure.
Promptly after that he put his bowl of cereal on his freshly washed hair and later, he wiped his snot covered face on my shoulder.


So, this is where I am at today, since pretty much all I will be doing is cleaning up messes and trying not to sell him, I think I deserve this coffee. Oh, but his muffin covered hands were also wiped on my sleeve. Time for another load of laundry to go on, I guess.

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